Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Amazing Loser Review

The Amazing Loser:

I was really excited to hear this one because it looks like it's the one portrayed on the cover. Although, Jay carries around a suppertime triangle in the beginning. He probably plays all percussion though. It fit that Barrett and Priscilla would be partners for the scavenger hunt, and interestingly enough Jay and Matthew were paired together too.

I was EXTREMELY happy that Hal's Diner and Hal Schneider is in this episode. The importance of other businesses is really important, but not just new ones. It's nice knowing that it's sticking around. I like the whole scavenger hunt feel. Though it also introduced more new businesses too.

The scene with the girl wanting shoes and Barrett bought them for her was very touching. It showed Barrett had compassion. Even though they found out that she actually did have other shoes, just not that specific pair.  The lady from the Thrift store, it would have been neat if it was the same one from Tuesdays with Wooton. I'm wondering where in the world can I find gumballs for a penny. Cause then I'd have a pretty hefty stash. Barrett feels bad that they lost for nothing. I like Whit's advice to them. That sometimes we're tested whether we'd do the right thing despite the outcome of our actions. It's funny that Barrett and Priscilla win anyway and Jay and Matthew lose because Jay bought the victory gumball.

This episode is pretty good. It's quick paced, and Jay's humor adds to it as always. I was dissapointed that this episode didn't explain what Whit is writing on the board on the cover of the album. It should have been in the episode somehow... And this one didn't have Barrett's trombone or Priscilla's clarinet either. Oh well..

Theme: 4/5
Humor: 3.5/5
Quotes: 4/5 --

Standout Quote:
John Whittaker: Well, let me say it's been a pleasure to host this year's band camp. I'm really looking forward to hearing what you all learn. Now, to kick things off. We decided to begin with something a little different. A competition.
Jay Smouse: Look out Barrett Jones. Soon you'll be tasting cold steel. The cold steel of my supper time triangle.
Jay Smouse: (To tune of Hail to the Chief) Hail to Jay Smouse who wins the scavenger hunt. Barrett Jones loses cause he's such a chump.

Interest level: 4/5
"Like" rating: 3.5/5

Average Rating 4/5 

What are your thoughts on this episode? Be sure to catch Anger Mismanagement next week.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Penny Saved Review

A Penny Saved

The episode title may throw some people off. By first glances one may think; "Penny is going to become a christian." But that would be too redundant. But that poses the question, if she doesn't "get saved" then what is she saved from?

This episode was one I really looked forward to hearing. Because just like they did with the other sagas, it ties up some loose ends. I really liked the beginning with the news report and trial. We got to see some of Polehaus and his dry sense of humor. This episode really added to Penny's character too. We got to see how this whole ordeal effected her. And it showed that she isn't the type to ask for help even if she needs it. This episode adds to the friendships between Wooton, Connie and Penny. Connie and Wooton show genuine concern for her even though they haven't known her for too long. I like that we meet another Professor of the college. It seems like Odyssey lost some of it's businesses in after 50 albums. It gained some,  but some things just haven't been mentioned yet, like the paper, Odyssey 105, etc.

Wooton's concern for Penny is uncanny. And Connie hit it on the head. Love? This soon?.... But will it last? Penny at McCalister park is kinda funny. Yet sad all the same. The trunk part is kinda strange, but it fits her character. I can see her as the type that would have trouble figuring out things like finding the trunk button. The fact that she requests that the officer read her her rights was funny too. The fact that she was ridiculed for doing the right thing reminds me of Mitch's situation after Novacom. It is pretty similar, but in her case she takes it a step further by hiding the fact that she needs a place to stay. Her being "put in Jail" for her protection was kind of the officer.It was very Penny-like to throw a party in jail. Classic. Penny is a character that I can see sticking around for a while. The post-50 character mesh is gradually coming together, and a Connie/Wooton friend is a nice thing to see.

This episode precedes the GRC quite nicely. Wooton and Penny's chemistry wasn't used too much in this one. The news cast at the end stating that Trask gets 25 years for his crimes wrapped it up nicely. I enjoyed the scene with Penny, Wooton, and Connie overlooking Odyssey and the area where the whole thing happened. It created a feeling that the characters would be able to move on after everything that had happened.  One thing that wasn't answered was what happened to Buck? They could have mentioned him in a passing statement or something? But I guess if we don't hear anything referencing him in 54, maybe we will in 55.

Theme: 3.5/5
Humor: 3.5/5
Quotes: 4/5 --

Standout Quote: 
Ted Humpfries: Wooton Bassett, also from Odyssey and personally involved in the case, gave us his take on the verdict.
Wooton Bassett: Thanks Ted. Did you see the size of the judge's gavel? That thing was huge! I'd love to have one of those at home.
Ted Humpfries: About the verdict?
Wooton Bassett: Oh yeah, the verdict. That was a good call, and the jury foreman had good diction when he read it out. Very Shakespearean.
Don Polehaus: I've seen it happen more times than Wooton can count.
Wooton Bassett: Six?
Don Polehaus: Exactly.
Interest level: 4/5
"Like" rating: 3/5

Average Rating 3.5/5

And that wraps up my thoughts on this one. What did you think? What do you think is yet to come? What do you think will happen in the other Penny related episodes? Be sure to comment.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wooton Knows Best Review

Wooton Knows Best:

Stories are a wonderful way to pass time. And it's really fun to tap into your creativity and just roll with the flow. We see this in Odyssey characters from time to time. Whether it be Bernard with a story from his life/bible story, Whit with a story with a lesson, or Wooton with Captain Absolutely. (Also with a lesson) And once again in Wooton Knows Best it starts with a story by Wooton. The point of the story was to tell Whit's Sunday School Class that he needs an assistant for a weekend retreat at Camp What-a-Nut. That's a place we haven't heard from in quite a while. I like that they brought it back.

The over all angle and theme of this episode is great. The conflict between Matthew and Olivia, the bickering between them in this one is classic. It brings back thoughts of the chemistry between Donna and Jimmy. The fact that Wooton had to choose one of them knowing that one might be hurt that he/she wasn't chosen is very applicable to real life. Wooton seems more classic Wooton in this one. He has some funny lines, but he also shows a more human side than we've seen in some of these recent episodes. The way Wooton determines the helper was great. And I like the over all plot of the episode.

Olivia's tantrum seemed a little over the top, and in some spots seemed forced. But I kinda like it in a way. It shows a side of Olivia we hadn't seen yet. The talk between David and Olivia following it is a very memorable scene. Including David's humor with the fire extinguisher. This scene is very touching and down to Earth. It's a classic down to Earth dad wisdom  scene that we've scene a few other times. The theme is very clear from this scene as well. 

The only complaint I have about this episode is the ending. Why bring Melissa Cyphers (Why does that name sound so much like Miley Cyrus to me....probably just a coincidence.) to meet Olivia? I mean she gets hurt that she can't go to camp, learns a lesson and then gets what she wanted anyway? What message does this send? She clearly made it obvious to Wooton that she was upset that she couldn't go, but things like that happen. Why make a consolation prize, it doesn't always work out that way.There aren't always happen endings...

I also really enjoyed the snippet at the end with Wooton and his story at Camp What-a-Nut. I've always enjoyed the tacked on scenes and can't wait for more of them.

Theme: 3/5
Humor: 4/5
Quotes: 3.5/5 --

Standout Quote: 
Olivia Parker: I'm better with kids than you are.
Matthew Parker: Oh, right. Did you decide that before or after you dyed Camilla's hair purple?
Olivia Parker: You know that was an accident. Easter egg painting got a little out of control.

Interest level: 4.5/5
"Like" rating: 4/5

Average rating: 3.5--- Slightly above average episode. Great season opener.

So far the season has started well. It's nice to be able to finally share my thoughts. The review for A Penny Saved will be coming soon as well.