Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Penny Earned Review

A Penny Earned Review

Roommates of any can be difficult to live with and sometimes it requires adjustment and more often than not compromises. We've seen the difficulties of clashing roommates with Bernard and Eugene (Room Mates) and with Connie and Lindsey and Tamika and Kelly (Best of Enemies) so my question at the end of a Penny Saved was how will Connie and Penny be as room mates?

Right away in a Penny Earned we see that Connie will be challenged living with Penny? How? Well, for starters the playing board games till really late in the morning and Penny using the walls of Penny's room as canvas. But the main aspect of the episode is her trying to find a job in Odyssey. In some ways it reminded me of Connie's struggle in the episode What are you Gonna Do With Your Life. In this episode we are told that Eugene teaches a computer class at the college. It fits his character well, but I'm kinda sad to see Hand Up disappear without explanation. Penny's a little too trusting. The scene with Douglas Helm proves this. It was an honest mistake.

 I like the new guy Jacques Henri. He reminds me of Fred Holstein, and I really look forward to future use of his character. Although Penny is a relatively new I couldn't help wondering if maybe this would be her last episode. But I'm glad it didn't go about that way. Although the twist with Penny and Wooton being so alike that Wooton would know where she would "have to stop" was a little much, it kinda worked out. I'm looking forward to see how they develop Penny and Wooton's relationship in the future.

Theme: 4/5
Humor: 3.5/5
Quotes: 3/5 --
Standout Quote(s): 

Penny WiseWhat artistic style do you like?
WomanHmmm...That! I want that piece of art.
Penny WiseThat's the sign for the restrooms.

Penny WiseYou've been praying?
Connie KendallYes! Haven't you?
Penny WiseWell, sure, but I didn't know everybody was in on it.
Wooton BassettThat's one thing you can be sure everybody's in on. The praying I mean. 

Interest level: 4/5
"Like" rating: 4/5

Average Rating 4/5  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their family and friends yesterday. I might have another review up later this evening. But in the meantime, feel free to check out my other blog called never a dull moment. It's not another Odyssey blog, but I have mentioned it a little. (just started it..)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Album 55 titles!!!

So this is kinda old news. But it's exciting nonetheless. we have more Album 55 titles, as well as another summary for the album. Here's what we have so far.
Child's Play
Mistaken for Good
To Mend or Repair
The Labyrinth Parts 1-3
Sgt York Parts 1-4

And here's the new summary; Jason Whittaker discovers a life-threatening plot in the works after he tracks the villainous Mr. Grote to London. In Odyssey, rumors fly when a wedding brochure is mistaken for an announcement and everyone thinks Connie is getting married. Eugene and Katrina hear unsettling news about their future. And Kids' Radio tells the exciting story about how a back-country man with a simple desire for peace winds up on the front lines of World War I. Amidst all of the conflict and comedy, our pals in Odyssey learn that being in over their heads can be a very touching and funny experience when God is put in the center of it all.

I wonder what the "unsettling news" is? I can't wait to hear Sgt. York, it sounds amazing! And the wedding brochure idea sounds interesting. More reviews are coming soon.