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Unofficial Post (This isn't 200, it's 199b)

Last time I mentioned that I had a surprise up my sleeve for my 200th post. And now almost 2 months later I still haven't posted again. I'm really sorry about that. I've been really busy and haven't been able to do as many online things as I did. I thought I'd be able to keep it going, but with classes and all... I might get some sort of posts together during thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. But other than that, I won't be posting a whole lot during the semesters. Until my next post -- Freddy Jay

Friday, September 21, 2012

Captain Absolutely Comes to Physical!

The Official Podcast has released their latest, and with it some excellent news. Captain Absolutely is coming to Focus on the Family's Clubhouse Magazine. The Podcast takes us behind the scenes with the creators of the comic.

Bob and Jesse chat with Christopher Maselli (the author) and Dennis Edwards (the illustrator), the creators of the new Captain Absolutely comics in Clubhouse!

To check out the podcast, see illustrations, and see the first Captain Absolutely comic go here.

This has been Freddy Jay, connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Odyssey Connection: The Joy of Speeches...

I'm only a few posts away from reaching my two hundredth post. I may or may not have something special in mind for that post. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled.

I realize I mentioned Q's return before. But since Agent 3XQ's return he has ranted and raved about many things. In his most recent posts he has hinted at something mysterious in his past involving a "her". It's really intriguing and I can't wait to see what happens next. It's worth checking out.

Odyssey Connection:
Monday I had to give a speech for one of my classes. It wasn't a difficult speech, but the idea of speaking in front of people always makes my stomach crawl. No matter how many times I practice it, that feeling is always the same. And like Trent in "Called on in Class" I always make it out to be worse than it actually is. I imagine the worse case scenarios, like tripping over my shoe lace, or forgetting to breathe and passing out in front of the class. But every time, I've found that saying a prayer calms me down a little bit. And then when I actually gave the speech, it really wasn't that bad. I was still a little nervous, but I really had nothing to worry about. The key verse for this episode is:
John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Once again this has been Freddy Jay with CC Connection, connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Album 56 Back Cover

I'm not sure if this is new or not. But album 56 has hit the Focus bookstore, and with that here's the back cover, complete with all the themes for the episodes.

That's all for now. Have any thoughts about the themes of the episodes? Go ahead and comment.
This is Freddy Jay, connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exploration Station: More Blogs

Here are a few more blogs for your consideration. They are worth checking out.

I've hit on some of the others, but here are some podcasts to check out.

The Boredom Buster Podcast
Abbie and Mandy's AIO Podcast
World Famous Odyssey Podcast

I haven't had the chance to listen to their podcasts, however I've heard great things about them and they are worth checking out.

The Agent's Blog:
Some of you may remember a blog run by Agent 3XQ. After almost a year of silence, it seems he's made a return. Still as looney as ever. He's the one that claims I have a plot to take over the world with a herd of flying mutant ninja squirrels and a pack of walking twinkies. If you'd like to check him out, Go here, but be warned he has some pretty wild stuff.

This has been Freddy Jay in the Exploration Station, connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Odyssey Connection: Hate, More than Just a Word

A bit ago I was watching an episode of Seventh Heaven. That show is amazing. It's a slice of life show that touches on real life lessons just like AIO. Granted some of the lessons are for a more mature audience. In this particular episode, the Camdens learned about hate. Ruthy learned that parents sometimes do things kids don't understand or like, but hate is a strong word that shouldn't be thrown around. Lucy and Mary hated a girl for no reason, and due to this caused problems between the girl and Matt. They all learned how troublesome hate is, and that love is a more appropriate action.

After watching this episode it made me think of the episode; The Greatest of These. Robyn learns a lesson about loving unconditionally.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Head to Head: Bernard Walton Vs.Red & Kramer

 Atttteeeeention OOOOOOoooodyssssssey Fans! It's time for HEAD 2 HEAD! In todays segment we're going to pit two of Odyssey's beloved characters against each other. Wait what's that? We're pitting two against one? It seems we have a change of plans folks. Today is a special Head 2 Head. So fasten your seat belts and lean in. In this corner we have Bernard Walton (BW), and in this corner we have  Red Hollard and Mrs. Kramer (RK) Who will come out on top?

 BW: Bernard has his own business as a janitor for the fair citizens of Odyssey. Businesses especially love Bernard's skill at window washing as it saves time, and Bernard's low prices can't be beat. Bernard is also the host for a local TV show called B-TV.

RK: Red is a handyman and skilled with a hammer and a saw. Mrs. Kramer works for the Library and busies herself with all the available clubs in the community.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something Old, Someting New, Part 2, Review

Something Old, Something New, Part 2
 Having Mitch come back in the episode feels forced. The opening scene of this part is understadable. It shows us Connie's feelings and makes us wonder if she regrets calling it off with Mitch. Mitch's match is Maureen. 
Now we find out that "CG" is really Mitch. But at this point we don't know the connection between Mitch and the MW (Mystery Woman). The whole thing feels out of the box to me, and hard to completely follow... 
Eugene bumps into Mitch and Maureen. Penny's comment "I'm having trouble with these plot twists" is completely accurate, and ironic that she'd say that. 

Something Old, Something New, Part 1 Review

Something Old, Something New, Part 1

This episode was one of those where I heard rumors about it, so therefore I wasn't looking forward to it... For one I heard that it was going to be a J&P Detective Agency episode, and for two I heard that Mitch was coming back. 
This episode opens with Connie complaining that Dreams by Constance doesn't get much business anymore. It's great hearing that she still has this business. It played a small part in the Mystery of the Clock Tower too. Penny being Penny offers to help Connie advertise.

Child's Play Review

Child's Play 
Eugene has been around kids on AIO for as long as he has been on the show. And now that he's received news that they can't have kids, he doubts whether kids really like him or not. At first this seemed silly to me, but on the other hand, sometimes thoughts and circumstances have their way of ganging up on us. In the opening scene it kind of felt like Eugene was being really hard on himself. I think a lot of his thinking is coming from the fact that he can't have children and is trying to peg a reason for it.
In the next scene Katrina mentions to Eugene that she has agreed to watch two kids over the weekend. This episode presents us the situation many fans have longed for;

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sergeant York Review

Sergeant York
 Instead of doing each part, due to the nature of this episode will review it as a whole.

I was really excited about this one. Partly because it's Odyssey's first 4 part episode, (Not counting Plan B) it features Red Hollard, and it's a history episode. Sergeant York is one story that I hadn't heard, before and his story easily became a favorite of mine. the fact that it has Red in it makes it even better. Red assists Eugene in telling York's story on kids radio, and it's well done.

Exploration Station: More AIO Blogs

As you may know there are quite a few AIO blogs out there now. I covered some in a past post, but here are a few more.

These first two if you haven't heard album 56 yet and don't want spoilers, AVOID THEM!.

Adventures in Odyssey Thoughts:
This blog has some interesting posts. When you get there the most recent post is on Great Expectations. It's a great review but if you don't want spoilers, I wouldn't check it out just yet.

The Adventures in Odyssey Daily News:
This blog tries to do a post about everyday. And so far has been doing reviews for album 56. It's a cool blog, but if you don't want spoilers STAY AWAY! He's covered all the episodes through The Lost Riddle, and the last four will come in his next post. He's also working on updating his blog to a site which will be available next month.

Just Another Odyssey Blog:
This blog is a bit more complex. It has several pages to check out. Adventures in Connelsville features installments of a story that Alex is writing. JAAIOPP (Just Another AIO Podcast) is his page that features his podcasts. While I haven't listened to all of the only podcast that is currently available, what I did hear was pretty good. This blog also features a Response to the Soda Shop page, where he writes about current discussions on the Soda Shop message board.

Campbell County:
This is a message board, it's centered around Odyssey, but also provides spaces to discuss other varieties of topics. Here you earn a currency called seashells and can spend them on various things in the shop. I encourage you to check it out and see if you like it.

There's still more AIO blogs to cover, so expect another post about them in the near future. What do you think about these AIO blogs/sites? You could comment here, but I'm sure they want to hear what you think too.
With that, that about wraps it up for today. This has been Freddy Jay connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!

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55 & 56 Wallpaper and Facebook Covers

Here are a couple of backgrounds if you want them. Also with them are facebook covers. To use these simply click to view the full size version and then save as to save them to a folder and from there you can apply them to your use.

Facebook Covers


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mistaken For Good Review

Mistaken for Good

Once you have a reputation it's hard to reset it. Jay is no exception. He's got a reputation for being rough, and picking on others. So far Jay has pretty much shown more bad than good, but unlike Rodney Jay expresses feelings like guilt and compassion. Vance is the type that seeks out ways to hurt others and scam money. Vance scares Jay, and Vance knows that he can get Jay to do things. This episode pushes Jay to a new level. I really enjoyed this episode, it shows Jay doing the right thing even when it meant putting himself under the bus. It's funny how Mrs. Kramer is appearing all over Odyssey, but it's kind of cool. It shows that she likes getting involved with the town, and you never really know when she could turn up next. Jay getting the music box for Mrs. Wilson, was so nice and the fact that he wasn't wanting anything in return makes it even more unlike the Jay we're used to.

To Mend or Repair Review

To Mend or Repair

 This was an episode I really looked forward to, and amongst message boards such as Campbell County, it had fans speculating and frantic to find out what the news could be that Eugene and Katrina got.
This episode is handled fantastically. The tone is really sad,

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Labyrinth, Part 3 Review

The Labyrinth Part 3
 In this episode things pick up the pace really quick. Jason figures out most of the information he gets from conversations he has. The idea of a toxic powder being shaped into a vase and released into the air by way of having it sit at room temperature is genius on Mr. Grote's part. In some ways, this mission was one of Jason's easier cases. Mycroft gives Jason information as to where the vases are in the museum, and they get a hold of authorities by way of Mycroft letting them keep their cell phone.

The Labyrinth, Part 2 Review

I was doing some checking, and it's been nearly 5 months since I reviewed the first part of the Labyrinth... And I can say this is one of my favorites to have to review.

The Labyrinth, Part 2

This part opens with Sue and Dale handing the briefcase, that they got from Jason's hotel room, over to Jason. Sue's line "What's a typewriter" cracks me up every time,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Childish Things Review

Childish Things
This episode opens with Penny worrying about how she can trust people. In an effort to find a sure fire method to figuring out who she can trust she turns to body language. After a few minutes the listener is found laughing with Penny as she tries to figure this out. This episode also strengthens the relationship going between Penny and Wooton. The happenings at the restaurant make the listener wonder if Penny knows that Wooton likes her. Penny on the other hand hasn't really suggested that she has further feelings for him than just friends. This episode takes a humorous approach to the theme Putting Away Childish Things. Penny automatically makes judgments against Henri due to his body language. at first the notion of this episode was kind of hard for me to grasp. Why would Penny be so easily persuaded to try this method because of a book. But after listening a couple more times, it kind of grew on me. It really is a pretty funny episode, and overall it's not bad.

A Deeper Look: Penny Wise

Penny Wise

I present to you today Penny Wise. Penny Wise is a fairly new character to adventures in Odyssey, introduced in album 53 The Green Ring Conspiracy. While some people think of her as Wooton's long lost fraternal twin, or soul mate, there's more to Penny than meets the eye...well ear.  When we first hear from Penny in Part three of GRC,she perks our interest a little right away with her name.

Connie: Like Penny Wise and a Pound of Foolish?
Penny: Yes and I guess Connie Kendall goes with the expression Connie Kendall kicked a copper kettle carelessly.
Connie: That's an expression really?
 Penny: No, But I think every name should have an expression to go with it don't you?
Connie: Well i never really thought about it.
Penny: you would if you had a name like Penny Wise.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Other AIO Blogs to Check Out!

Some of you may have noticed that my links page is a little out dated and a bunch of the blogs in there are no longer going. However what you may not know is that there are a bunch of newer blogs to check out. Here are some of them and my thoughts on each.

The Unofficial AIO Blog:
This blog has a number of pages and features. The imagination Station page has outward links to other AIO blogs and podcasts. The USS page features reports on happenings in the message board the Soda Shop. The Jason and Mitch: Secret Agents page features a fanfiction about the famous agents of Odyssey And the character profiles page. The blog part usually includes reviews, and news. I like the ideas that this blog has going.

Twists and Turns
This blog is on the larger side. It has several features including the Court room, and Cast and Crew take 2. These two have to be unique to this blog. He calls himself the Old Judge, and so the Court Room he uses as a place to write lengthy articles related to Odyssey. His latest being about the Gallery, and going into why they should use it again. Another reason this blog is unique is it not only covers news realted to Odyssey, but covers regular updates on a lot of the Odyssey blogs. And it really works. This is one of my favorite of the new blogs that are around now. It's worth checking out.

A Town Called Odyssey
This blog is on the smaller side of things. The posts are short, but they get their point across. So far it's mainly been posts on what she thinks of different things on the show. Not really a whole lot of news. Check it out.

This next one isn't an AIO blog, but it's still worth checking out.

Flickers of Truth:
This blog presents biblical truths with it's posts. It's pretty interesting, and fairly new.

There are many other newer ones out there, and I will cover others later. This has been Freddy Jay connecting the gap between the Odyssey blogs and YOU!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unbecoming Jay Review

 Unbecoming Jay Review

Odyssey has had it's share of bullies over the years.Rodney Rathbone, Rusty Gordon,  and the other bones of Wrath, and now in the post 50 we're presented with two bully-like characters Jay and Vance. Jay as the title implies is in this episode. Jay is more than just a bully though, he's often used to add a laugh to the episode and this episode is no exception. Jay is a prime example of how sometimes, ones mouth can work faster than ones brain and not always make sense. Barrett showing Cindy around adds class to Barrett's character. And Jay ditching Cindy was totally like Jay. This episode strengthens the little crush thing that Barrett and Priscilla have going. We get the impression that...

How to Sink a Sub, Review

While I normally don't post on Sunday, I wanted to get at least one review done today if not more in an effort to catch up. So here's How to Sink a Sub.

How to Sink a Sub
When I was in elementary school and even high school, I always looked forward to having a substitute teacher. And like every school, you get ones you love ad ones you dislike. Well, Odyssey is no exception. I was pleased to see Katrina as a sub. It opens up episodes like this one and You're Two Kind. Valery and Jay's reactions to Katrina's strict teaching are exactly as we would react to ones we didn't like. This fast is episode is fast paced and hilarious. Some of the pranks that the students play

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Emily the Genius, Review

Emily the Genius Review
I thought I'd work on some of the reviews I haven't done yet... Here's Emily the Genius.
This episode begins with Emily finding out that according to her test results she's a genius. Right away, I knew something was up. Don't get me wrong, Emily is a smart kid. But first of all her vocabulary sounds very down to earth, and on first impressions one wouldn't get the idea that she's as smart as Eugene,  or Matthew even. However the angle of this episode is rather impressive. Later Emily is told that

Things I'd like to see on Odyssey

Over the years Odyssey has covered lots of ground. Some of the albums carry out a theme throughout the whole  album that covers a particular passage or chapter. In Album 17 each episode title is a different part of the lords prayer. And then in Album 54, Each episode focuses on parts of 1 Corinthians 13 and the newest album sounds like it's centered around Whit's inventions.

The themed albums are great, though Odyssey always does a great job in tying a theme or lesson into every episode. However I think there are some themes that they haven't done for an album that would be great to see sometime soon.

The Armor of God- While there are only 6 pieces of armor, I think the themes for each could easily be expanded into multi-part episodes. And if it wasn't a whole album maybe it could a focus of one episode. But really each piece has a valuable lesson of it's own. Biblical or absolute truth, righteousness, readiness to witness, faith, using the Bible as our sword against the devil, and salvation. It's all so important to our walk with Christ

In the Deep End we saw Jason again, and the hope that he'll return to Odyssey. It's been confirmed that Jason will be in album 56 in the 2 part episode called Home Again. I really would like to see Jason in a new start away from Odyssey. Perhaps a mini series where we hear from Jason from time to time, and he helps other kids in another town.

What would you like to see on Odyssey? Let me know in the comments.

Oh one more thing. CC Connection is now on Google + to make it easier to share things if you wish. Feel free to follow.

And that's all for now. This has been Freddy Jay connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Album 56 Summaries!

The sumarries have been posted! If you haven't seen them yet, here they are!

The Perfect Church, Parts I and II: After Matthew sees the problems and conflicts at his own church, Whit sends him on an Imagination Station adventure to witness the very first church in the book of Acts.

Great Expectations: As Emily pursues her hopes and dreams, she journeys in the Imagination Station to see Whit as a young boy.

For Three Dollars More: When Barrett questions the value of tithing, Matthew, Connie, and Whit send him on trips in the Room of Consequence to see the results of his actions.

The Bible Network: Kids' Radio plays out the value of reading Scripture in three acts - a game show called "Who's the Real Sheep," a crime drama "BSI: Bible Study Investigation," and an intensive training regime called "Bible Boot Camp."

Happy Hunting: Penny Wise embarks on a frantic search to find happiness, but in the process she makes everyone around her miserable.

The Holy Hoopster: Ryan Cummings makes a series of seemingly miraculous last-second shots for his basketball team which makes him a celebrity - both for the hoops and for acknowledging Jesus.

The Lost Riddle:Emily and Matthew discover a series of riddles from decades past stuck in the corner of her locker.

Groundhog Jay:After Jay pushes Priscilla into an unexpected trip in the Room of Consequence, the two of them experience the same event over and over again.

Home Again, Parts I and II: When Jason Whittaker finally returns to Odyssey for peace and quiet, the excitement surrounding his return makes it hard to find either.

I'm lookig forward to the majority of this album. But I'm gonna hold out until I can get the physical copy. I'm especially interested in The Perfect Church 1-2, Great Expectations, The Lost Riddle and Home Again 1-2, and Holy Hoopster.

I believe that's all for today. This has been Freddy Jay, connecting the gap between Odyssey and You!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I've Returned! I Hope.

Hey guys, I'm back. I'm not sure, but I hope to do at least one post a week. I also intend to get more reviews up.  For now, there are a few pieces of news that I'm really excited about.

Album 56 is now available to download from cbd. Buy it and listen NOW!

So now we know all the titles, along with the album description which is;
 It seems like everyone in Odyssey is looking for something. As Emily pursues her hopes and dreams, she journeys in the Imagination Station to see Whit as a young boy. Penny goes hunting for happiness but her search makes her miserable. And Jay must figure out a strange program in the Room of Consequence that could lead to an unwanted ending. Through his invention and wise counsel, Whit guides the folks in Odyssey along the right path.

This album also features Kids Radio, an Inspiration Station adventure, the Odyssey Owls basketball team, Jason Whittaker's return to Odyssey, and an episode on tithing.

Also from the download page, you can hear a 30 second preview of the episode.

Here are the titles and what i think the episode could be based off the title. I'll do another post later basing my predictions on the previews.

The Perfect Church, Parts 1-2
 Odyssey first church developes a new strategy and focuses on becoming the "perfect church". But are they taking the wrong approach? Encouraging perfect attendance and perfect behavior. But the thing that is missing is keeping God in the church and not focusing on perfection.

Great Expectations:
Matthew Parker is told over and over that one day he will be great and do amazing things. But he's tired of hearing what he's going to do and wants to see it now. Mr. Whittaker throws together a room of consequence program for him that turns out to be more than Matthew wanted.

For Three Dollars More:
Olivia Parker starts making money by selling her new hobby: Bracelets. The problem is with this new flow of money she must decide to become a good steward of her money. Which she soon finds out that this should also mean giving some to the church too.

 The Bible Network:
Mr. Whittaker finds a new way to teach the kids about the Bible, he calls it; the Bible Network. This new invention presents a verse with a bolded word. The bolded word is a key word of a new verse and one they click on the bolded word it takes them to the new verse. The kids really enjoy this new method of learning, but when it disappears, fingers point in every direction to figure out  what happened to the Bible Network.

Happy Hunting:
I actually listened to this one already due to the free episode give away. So no pre-thoughts on this one. But if you want to listen to this one now, you can here.

The Holy Hoopster:
The Odyssey Owls are back in season, and the new assistant coach wants to bring prayer to the locker rooms before the games. The head coach, Chan Fang has a slight problem with the clash in beliefs who will win out?

The Lost Ridde:
Eugene and Katrina are watching Kyle and Joy again. This time, Kyle explores the attic with Eugene and they find a secret  message on a piece of paper that was hidden in one of the loose floor boards. They struggle to find out it's meaning.

Groundhog Jay:
On groundhog Day, Jay is determined to find a groundhog to see if they really do determine whether winter stays or goes. Meanwhile, Olivia has gotten into the habbit of saying good luck! Both learn that God is in control not Earthly things.

Home Again, Parts 1-2:
Jason is back in the Odyssey area, but he doesn't make his presence known to all the citizens of his town. He tries to  get back into the routine, but under a different name. Someone recognizes him, and he makes the paper. What will Jason be forced to do?

Note the descriptions are just my imagination at work, however the titles are real. I'm looking forward to this season as I have been so far, What are your thoughts on the upcoming titles? Feel free to comment.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bye for now...

My posting has rapidly decreased and I am really sorry for that. I've been really busy, and I think I must draw to a close until my classes end. However, I do have my personal blog that I will attempt to update more often. It's called Never a dull moment. Feel free to check it out if you wish.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Never for Nothing Review

Never for Nothing:

This episode was one I really looked forward to reviewing. It's quite possibly my favorite of album 54.
Grandma Lucia is a character that is interesting. She's older and opens up room for stories of her childhood, like has been done with Whit, Bernard, Tom, and Jack. it's excellent that she's moved to Odyssey. I like the way it ties the past to the present. Juan was to Lucia as Jay is to Matthew. The line by Esperanza that goes;
EsperanzaMy Papa says we must always show love. No matter what. It does good.
Young LuciaIt's a waste of time on some people. It does nothing.
EsperanzaNo. Love is never for nothing.
is my favorite quote from the episode. Matthew and the halfway house shows another aspect of love. And Matthew learns a little on loving Jay unconditionally. Esperanza is an inspiration to live and love without expecting niceness back. She repeatedly tells Lucia "never for nothing" throughout the story. The way Esperanza  offers to get Juan's shoe despite the fact that Juan was so aweful to them is so unlike the typical society viewpoint. The fact that she died makes this story so powerful and I totally wasn't expecting it. She tried to help out someone who could easily be determined an enemy, and ended up dying for it.
I definitely wasn't expecting the twist at the end with the halfway house owner being Juan. It almost opens the opportunity for Lucia and Juan to meet up again down the road. You never can tell.

This episode is so powerful and it reminds me that it's important to love unconditionally. I've listened to this one countless times, and it easily is one of my favorites.

Theme: Love Never Fails; 4.5/5
Humor: 4/5-- There may not have been much humor in this one, but with the seriousness of the episode it would have seemed out of place. 
Quotes: 4/5 --
Standout Quote(s): 
EsperanzaMy Papa says we must always show love. No matter what. It does good.
Young LuciaIt's a waste of time on some people. It does nothing.
EsperanzaNo. Love is never for nothing. 

Interest level: 4/5
"Like" rating: 5/5

Average Rating 5/5   

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Labyrinth, Part 1 Review

The Labyrinth, part 1 Review

The Labyrinth finally aired this past weekend. Well the first part at least. Here are my thoughts so far.

The first scene introduces two new characters to us. Agent Florin and Agent Billings of MI5 (British Intelligence).The accents are exceptional. This first scene was an excellent recap of what happened with Jason thus far as the Stiletto and the whole GRC.  The fact that MI5, Interpol and American Intelligence are working together makes everything so interesting. And setting it London is so awesome.

Jason as The Grinder is an interesting concept. We've already seen him work as The Stiletto, so having him undercover again as the Grinder to meet Reggie fingers seemed cool. I liked that Jason's secret identity was found out really quickly. It also disappointed me a little. I mean Jason is so awesome. He's not supposed to make mistakes. But that's also why I like this part. Jason slipped up and the bad guys get ahead in the game. It shows that even Jason slips up in the agent game. Sue is such an interesting character. She knows the ins and outs of London. A perfect accomplice for Jason. Almost too perfect? Jason and Sue find out that the police think that Jason was responsible for gassing the van. I like that Jason called Whit to get help. Which brings us to Dale and Ann Jacobs who just happen to be in London for a journalism symposium.
It's funny that Jason can't just walk into his room due to the fact that it's probably being watched by the police. Jason's plan for Dale and Sue to break in and get his brief case is brilliant.
Billings and Florin wake in the hospital. Billings seems to trust Jason while Florin is convinced that Jason could be turned and caught up in the labyrinth. She's so intent on getting a hold of Jason. But Jason is awesome and knows where his loyalties lie. He'd never betray anyone.
At the hotel Dale and Sue retrieve the briefcase, but not the easiest task in the world. A Detective Macontosh was watching the room and talked to Dale for a bit before going across the hall to watch the rooms from there. Thinking quickly Dale transports Sue in Jason's suitcase and tells the officer that Sue fell asleep. Pure genius. They take the elevator to floor two and then use the fire escape to the ground. The episode ends

This episode is packed with information and I had to listen several times to grasp it all. It's written so well and leaves you hanging as always. :D

Theme: Following the Right Path; 4/5
Humor: 4/5
Quotes: 4/5 --
Standout Quote(s): 

Reggie FingersThe Grinder. What kinda name is that? Is that something you do with your teeth? Or with your finger nails, or with other people?
The GrinderI used to have a dancing monkey in the street. Grinder. Get it?
Jason WhittakerYou do much praying Sue?
SueI'm 'fraid not.
Jason WhittakerNow might be a good time to start.

Interest level: 6/5
"Like" rating: 6/5

Average Rating 5/5  

I'll catch up with 54 hopefully really soon. Also be watching for an addition to CC Connection coming in the next few days. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Odyssey Wallpaper

Here are some Odyssey wallpaper I made.

 Simply click the thumbnail, then right click and click apply as background.

Album 55 Summaries!

Hey all gather around. Here are the summaries for the upcoming season.

The Labyrinth, Part 1-3:
Jason's pursuit of Mr. Grote leads him to London, where he finds a plot even more ominous than the Green Ring Conspiracy. Jason must seek the help of some old friends to unravel Mr. Grote's schemes before it's too late.

My thoughts: 
This episode will finally wrap up the loose ends from the Green Ring Conspiracy, and we might finally hear Mr. Grote's voice! The fact that it takes place in London makes it all the better and that fact that its a three parter with Jason in it is even better.

To Mend or Repair:  
To distract her from some devastating personal news, Eugene tries to keep Katrina busy all the time. Meanwhile, Barrett gives Priscilla a special honor -- reading the pledge of allegiance on the morning announcements.

My thoughts:
 The Eugene Katrina storyline sounds really intriguing. What in the world could the devastating news be? That they can't have kids? Is Katrina sick? This is one of the episodes I am anticipating the most. The Barrett Priscilla storyline sounds kinda simplistic but maybe it'll compliment it nicely.

Mistaken For Good:
Jay's visit to a nursing home takes an unexpected turn when an old woman mistakes him for her grandson -- and offers him money as a birthday present.

My Thoughts:
 sounds very interesting. but initially there has to be more to it. I wonder how this one will play out.

Sgt York, Parts 1-4:
Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard tell the story of Sergeant Alvin York, a troublemaker from rural Tennessee who became a World War I hero.

My Thoughts;
The fact that Red is in this one makes me all the more excited. The fact that it's a history episode on a story I don't know very well makes me even more so. Considering it's a four parter it should be really good.

Child's Play:
Eugene and Katrina take on a crazy weekend when they agree to babysitting two kids: one with limitless energy and another who must know the answer to every question.

My Thoughts: 
Sounds like a hilarious episode. Not to mention a look at how the couple could do with kids. 

Something Old, Something New Parts1-2:
Penny brainstorms ways to promote Connie's wedding planning business and one of her schemes dramatically backfires. Meanwhile, Matthew and Emily investigate a woman who may be trying to scam Jacque Henri.

My Thoughts:
I've heard some leaks about this one but won't further those. This episode sounds really interesting, but I'm hoping since it's a two parter there's more to it than the episode where everyone thinks Whit is getting married. I'm pleased that Penny is involved in some way.  I'm glad to see that Jacque Henri will be returning because he adds some diversity to the show. 

What are your thoughts? Be sure to discuss in the comments.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Where is Odyssey Taking us?

As AIO continues the ever recurring question is where is it headed? When the show rebooted starting with album 51 it was thought that little would be mentioned of past events and certain past characters. But this changed quickly. Album 51 mentioned Eugene's trying to technologically advance Whit's End, album 52 brought back Harlow, album 53 brought back Monty and Katrina (Thankfully enough. Though that was sure to happen.) and in 55 it brings back Dale and Ann and mentions Jason's fake death. But when it comes to the town of Odyssey itself it's beginning to feel recreated right now. So far we haven't heard from very many of the older buisnesses, but are being introduced to all sorts of newer ones. Like the Art Gallery, and the Music Store, and Sports store. It'd be really nice to hear from some of the old businesses too or at least get a reason for them not being around. For example The Electric Palace and/or The Harlequin Theater could get new management/ownership. Also, bringing back Dern and his radio station could be good too. It took years to establish the Odyssey that we know with the businesses and characters and things. It seems to me that the Leonard Everett story line ended in a way that almost could be continued. Eugene and Katrina could go back to Africa to see them, or Leonard and Everett could come to America for a holiday. OR Everett could live with Eugene and Katrina for a while. Say Everett gets a disease of some sort and for his best interest Leonard gets him back to Odyssey to live with Eugene and Katrina for a while. It would be so cool to get a side of Everett for a little bit.

I often imagine a sort of spin off series. It would take Jason and have him settle down in a larger city somewhere. He could have all sorts of different adventures with different characters and a city would be a broader setting than Odyssey. And on occasion there could be cameo appearances from some of the AIO characters. Something lie that would be cool.

What are your thoughts? Where do you think the show is headed? What would you like to see happen? Discuss in the comments.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Odyssey’s Love Game

With it being Valentine's Day and all I got to thinking about Odyssey's love affairs.

Relationships seem to keep fans interested in shows. It’s a factor of life that everyone can relate to. And Odyssey has always picked into this and has been able to play with it in many ways. Connie has had her share of love interests, including her latest and greatest and almost getting married. Eugene and Katrina had their complicated love story and are one of the very few marriages that we’ve had in the show with main characters. Jack and Joanne are another fine couple that ended up getting married. Jason on the other hand has crossed paths with several potentials but so far the right gal hasn’t seem to stick. Plus this would have the potential to change Jason which could unsettle many fans. Though the latest love fest that has entered into Odyssey’s latest seasons involves a fan favorite character Wooton Bassett and a newcomer to the show Penny Wise. If you go back a few episodes you’d see that Penny isn’t Wooton’s first love interest on the show, but the other wasn’t a Christian. Penny on the other hand seems to be Wooton’s copy and one could almost go so far to say “soul mate”? But the question is will she stick? Let’s step back and look at Connie for a second. With her being a main character introducing a love interest for her was a fantastic idea. Mitch quickly was taken in by fans everywhere. Compare Mitch to Connie and you’ll see that they have similar interests, and yet they weren’t too similar which made them great for each other. But the overall outcome of their saga? Connie and Mitch didn’t end up staying together. And Mitch hasn’t been heard from since. Which devastated many fans, and many fans hope for his return someday. Now let’s go back to Wooton and Penny. their relationship end up in marriage? Or the better question is; Is the pattern going to allow it? Looking at past relationships and marriages. It would seem that maybe it’s time for a seemingly serious relationship to end up in marriage. Although in album 50 we did see Jack Davis and Lucy get engaged. But we didn’t really see that one grow and get attached to the outcome. But there is one problem with Wooton and Penny. Their almost perfect for each other, but could it be that their too perfect for each other? That realistically speaking this couple wouldn’t really work out? They similarities are endless from the type of soda they like to being naturally goofy. But as of now they seem to have hit it off quite nicely. And we’ve been given a chance to grow attached to Penny and seeing how their relationship is growing if they were to get married we’d be able to see more of Penny in the long term. Logically speaking? Over the years we’ve seen Jason and Tasha who didn’t work out. Then Eugene and Katrina and jack and Joanne who did work out. Then Connie and Mitch who didn’t work out. (Wooton did have a small love episode thing with a Victoria, but it wasn’t really developed with time.) My point is that as fans we’ve been given a figurative “love whiplash” from time to time. There was the whole roller coaster ride with Eugene and Katrina who did end up together and the whole thing with Connie and Mitch... The thing with Wooton and Penny is that it could go either way. But I wonder how fans would react to another “Love let-down” that is seemingly somewhat similar to the way that Mitch entered the scene. Although if they get married it would pose the question how much would Wooton need to change? Would their marriage be a satisfactory one?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the writers go with this; Will this be another “Love let-down” or a “Love Pro”.  

Here's a Valentine's Day wallpaper. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cover and The Labyrinth Part 1!

The Labyrinth Part 1 is now available to download free. I shall wait to review it till later when we have all the parts. Hopefully I can catch up with my reviews soon....Hehehe. Anyway enjoy the new episode and download it here. Above is the final cover for album 55.

Friday, January 13, 2012


The title says alot! The Adventures in Odyssey page needs more likes. It was stated that if the page gets 10,000 likes before February 1 than they would release part 1, 20,000 like parts 1 and 2, 40,000 like and they'll give all three parts of The Labyrinth FREE for download. I understand that many of you may not be on facebook. Tell others who are to like and share the page. Getting the word around will help in the process. Thanks. (I'm a little late on this I know... But still. Get the word out. : D )