Friday, November 18, 2011

You're Two Kind Review

Calvin and Hobbes is a new found favorite of mine. But I'll try to mix it up every now and then. Calvin needs a good lesson on being kind especially since Christmas is right around the corner. Perhaps he should listen to this episode.

In this episode it brings more changes to Odyssey. Namely Katrina as a substitute teacher. We've seen Eugene as one before, but not Katrina until now. This adds a nice touch to her though and it makes sense. Also it's nice to see Katrina around in general and we saw more of her and Eugene at home too.This episode gave us a slice of life, and it was interesting too. Ryan was faced with a choice whether to stab Brad in the back or not and he choose wrong. The Eugene story line was interesting. Is trickery the best way to teach a lesson? Although we have seen this kind of thing in Odyssey from time to time. Some think it's fishy, but I think it works. Their point came across in the end.

This episode is strong with the Ryan story line and slightly weak with the bejewler plot. Overall I like it.But the bejewler storyline eh..

Theme: 4/5
Humor: 4/5
Quotes: 3/5 --
Standout Quote: 
Ryan CummingsValerie. The same Valerie I know? But she's so..
Ryan CummingsYeah, spunky like a pit bull.

Interest level: 4/5
"Like" rating: 3.5/5

Average Rating 4/5  

As always i love to hear your comments. And I'm almost caught up too! Freddy Jay over and out.

Forgiving More... or Less Review

From the description of this episode many fans comments portrayed to the effect of "Story telling to teach a lesson? Sound familiar?" And in some ways I agree, red does have several features similar to Bernard; such as a handy man, relating to the kids, and using entertaining figures of speeches. But is that to say that Red is Bernard's replacement? I wouldn't go that far,but some would say that.

Right away we hear from Red Hollard in this episode. That made me happy. The last time we heard from Red was in Wooton's Broken Pencil Show.  I liked seeing the kids working together on a project. In the scene with Camilla and Matthew breaking the oscilloscope we see more of Camilla's athletic side. I really like the chemistry between the Parker kids in this episode. The kids and the family are really developing nicely. Whit's little bit with the free ice cream for Camilla is classic Whit for you. He knew that Camilla broke the oscilloscope, but gave her free ice cream anyway. I liked Red's story alot. Even though when we hear story's from Bernard's we're used to hearing different voices, and sounds effects. I also like the fact that it's a parable from the bible, told in Red's own way. The approach made in this episode was good. You get camilla, red's story, more Camilla, and then more Red's story. Red's expressions are amazing. 

The themes in this album revolve around love and different angles on love and 1 Corinthians 13. It's so appropriate because forgiving and loving and be so hard to do at times. This episode reminds us to ask forgiveness and not just to try to forgive others.

Theme: 3.5/5
Humor: 4.5/5
Quotes: 4/5 --
Standout Quote: 
Red HollardI'm serious as a porcupine in a balloon factory!

Red HollardBarney was thrilled and he went right out and bought that tow truck, and what do you think happened then?
Camilla ParkerHe ran out of toes to truck?

Interest level: 3.5/5
"Like" rating: 4/5

Average Rating 4/5  

A good episode overall. More reviews to come. Kinda trying to get caught up so I can review Never For nothing soon. And for now that's all from Freddy Jay.

Anger Mismanagement Review

I changed the blog to experiment with the new style. I like it, but it's not compatible with gadgets at the moment... They're working on it though. What do you think?

Anger is a natural thing, and it's expressed in everyday life and in the media. Garfield is one example, and another being Tom and Jerry. (Yes I am a big fan of the older cartoons over what we have now..) The cat is constantly trying to catch the mouse, but Jerry is just to smart and sneaky. And every episode he does things to Tom to get away from him, and it just makes things hilariously worse. Tom and Jerry is entertaining, but nothing is ever really resolved between the two of them. In Anger Mismanagement, we look at anger in an entertaining and important way. One that isn't so common in other media.

This episode does what we often see in Odyssey episodes. We get three story lines pulled from different angles to the same theme. In this case we get Olivia mad at Valerie for doing the parade interview instead of Amber, Wooton and Mrs. Cramer, and Lucia's hair salon. The fact that Olivia sits and tells Whit about her anger reminds of older episodes where kids do the same thing. I like that he touched on the factthat getting angry isn't a sin, but what we do with our anger is when we sin. The Wooton story line is nicely done because it shows examples of ways to deal with other peoples anger without getting mad at them in return. And it handled it without Wooton's character getting too goofy. The scene with him getting stuck in the rose bush was classic. Then there's the Lucia hair salon plot. Gotta love Lucia. And it's good to hear that she's moving to Odyssey. Her character has potential to become a close friend of Whit. Is it just me, or does it seem possible that Red and Lucia kinda share the combined traits of Bernard and Tom? The hair slaon plot was interesting because potentially David had every right to get angry because he had to miss the game. but instead he found a solution for Lucia to be able to continue her salon in a different way.

This episode is a classic example of why I like Odyssey. It takes something that applies to everyone such as anger and pulls through with valuable lessons to remember from it in an entertaining way. And now on to the ratings.

Theme: 4/5
Humor: 4/5
Quotes: 4/5 --

Standout Quote: 
David ParkerThat's odd, I haven't seen this many cars out front since that hot air balloon landed on our roof.

Wooton BassettThe point is Olivia, that sometimes we have to try to be understanding even if we don't understand what we're supposed to be understanding about. Understand?
Olivia ParkerActually that makes sense.
Wooton BassettThanks a lot.

Interest level: 3.5/5
"Like" rating: 3.5/5

Average Rating 3.5/5  

Overall a pretty good episode. Love the subplots and the way Lucia takes a part in it. What did you think? Let me know. Freddy Jay over and out.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Album 55's Artwork

if you haven't seen it yet, the artwork for album 55 has been revealed. It goes well with the impression of the title, the Deep End. Also another note; Brock did an interview with Gary Locke on Brock's blog; Check it out.

Reviews on the new episodes coming soon. In the mean time, What are your thoughts on the upcoming show Never For Nothing?