Saturday, February 27, 2010

Album 4 Cover Redesign

The redesign for album 4 Fun-damentals was realeased, will be in stores sometime soon.I kinda like the way they are making the GA series albums look the same as the rest. More consistent look that way.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Album 51 back cover

They just revealed what the back cover of  album 51 looks like.

In other news, the Odyssey Scoop is considering changing its blog design a little bit.I can't really explain what they are thinking on doing, to get more details, and give your input, go to Odyssey scoop. I kinda like their idea though. It would in a way go with the rest of the site in making it more modern.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Album 51 Audio previews

At the Odyssey Scoop today the news is an audio preview of album 51. Doesn't say much, but just enough to really get you excited to hear the new episodes. Also has a Inspiration Station preview from AIOwiki in that post as well.

Also I found out on AIO Wiki that they revamped the cover for Album three  and is coming out possibly sometime this month. So that means albums 1-15 are going from their "golden audio series look" to the "like the others" look. 1-50 will look similar, and then 51 on will have the new logo.

Odyssey Connection:
The other day someone in sociology mentioned that in the future instead of schools,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whits End Podcast- Feb 23

I was looking around on the Odyssey Scoop and I saw that the latest entry was that  The newest Whits End Podcast is up. This podcast is the first to have the theme picked by you fans.It features the eleven minute episode Welcome to Whitsend, A tour of Odyssey with Chris as she goes through Odyssey and talks and introduces all the main characters. This episode has Andre Stoijka as Whit and mentions Red.  This episode is especially good for newer listeners. Also this podcast has the first scene of The Inspiration Station. It makes me even more anxious to hear the rest. Only 11 more days.

Also the whit's End site now has descriptions for the new characters. Click on the picture below to go to their bio.
Although there isn't one on Red yet...but that will come soon enough I guess. That's all for now. This s Freddy Jay saying "It won't be long now, I can't wait for the new season."



Monday, February 22, 2010

School Spirit and cussing

I don't have any Odyssey news today. I do have news though. I decided to start my own message board. It's not much..yet, but if you go to a public school and would like to join come on in. The board is called  School Spirit.
Odyssey connection: Tonight I was talking with a fr...well a fellow boyscout. We were talking and then every now and then he'd spew out a few cuss words. Every time I would look at him and ask him not to. Then we got into a little argument. His point was that all his friends do it. He's gonna be on the football team, he said ALL football players cuss. My point was that if all his friends were to jump off a cliff would he do it? Then as an experiment I told him to skate on a patch of ice and he did. Then he wanted me to. I said just because someone tells you to do something you don't have to do it. You chose to when I told you to walk on the patch of ice, but I chose not to when you told me to. Just because someone else does something it does not mean its right for you to do. You have to decide for yourself whether it's smart or foolish, or even dangerous. This is similar to a lesson Danny learned in the episode All the Difference In the World. He felt that all his friends were able to do the fun things while he was left with the boring stuff because he's a christian. This acquaintance of mine will probably still cuss and still hang out with the people he does, but when he's with me I think he will start to censor himself.

Thanks for reading, this is Freddy Jay saying, "So long."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whits end site and More Snow???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was mentioned on Odyssey Way awhile back. But I thought I'd mention it too. If you go to the Whits End website, and click on the Cds, DVDs, and more button, you will see this image.

Who is that character? Is it Red? Or is it someone else they haven't mentioned yet? He has red hair and is wearing a purplish outfit.  I think it could be Red, but I can't be sure. (The character's pic is also in my banner.)They added the Parker family and Emily Jones to the character page, but not Red yet.

Odyssey Connection: I think this is all a bad dream. "Go away bad dream BOO!" (from Clara)....didn't work....."maybe if I close my eyes and open them I will wake up."(From run-of the Mill Miracle)....It didn't work either...It's still snowing.....It's been snowing here pretty heavily now for about an hour or two. I think we're supposed to get up to six to eight inches added to what hasn't melted yet..........STOP THE MADNESS.....I WANT SPRING! Sorry I had to get that out of my system. Now where was I.......Oh right, today I listened to the episode Aloha, Oy. Where the Barclays and the Rathbones go to Hawii, and that just made me want spring/summer even more.....

This is Freddy Jay saying..."Hopefully we don't have our sixth snow day tomorrow....."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scoop Contest!

The Odyssey Scoop is doing a contest. This contest includes taking a picture (YES!!! Picture time!) of your odyssey collection, in unique creative ways. The best part? The prize is album 51. I'm already trying to come up with something to do. The deadline is 11:59 EST on Wednesday, March 3rd. To read more about it, click here.

Odyssey Fun Fact From the Odyssey Guide: "The search for Whit" was originally titled"The Mentiri Files. and contained the reappearance of character Alfred Brownlee, who was introduced, but not heard in "The Jesus Cloth."

Odyssey connection: Last night I ate out with some friends at a Chinese buffet. My first helping consisted mostly of chicken-like foods, potato, and a roll. Well my friends decided to go with me on my second trip. They picked out several things for me to try. I warned them that I was almost full, but they insisted I needed to try something new. I tried some of the things that was on my plate but I couldn't eat the rest. Anyway the trying something new part kinda made me think of the episode "Train ride". Where Eugene sets up a mystery on the  train ride  for Whit to solve to help him get out of the daily routine.

Thats all for now. This is Freddy Jay signing off.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I decided to do some rearranging and added some stuff. I added a Miscellaneous page where you can find top ten lists, joke of the week, and possibly other things I think of. Also I have added a People of Odyssey page, here you can find interesting tidbits about the different characters in Odyssey. The poll booth will have random polls in it, about the site and odyssey. I moved the links from the side to its own page. Also added an about me page. Also I changed the banner to what you now see.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Odyssey Scoop

Today I was mentioned on Odysssey Scoop. Thanks for mentioning me Jacob. I looked at my map (towards the bottom) and saw that I have had around 31 viewers.

It seems with the new season of Odyssey coming theres been a variety of AIO fan blogs (myself included) showing up. Here are a couple I found today. The Odyssey Owl,and Odyssey Way. It looks like I and Odyssey way started the same day. Odyssey ways logo looks pretty cool too. The odyssey owl looks like it just started today, but it looks like it could have potential. I will add both links to the side.

Odyssey Connection: Today at youth group, we were talking during our meal. Our youth consists of 5 teens, 2 kids ( both under 10). A couple of the other guys were talking about something that wasn't really appropriate for the younger ones to hear, and the Pastor said as much. This made me think of how true this is. Connie learned this too, in It started with a Rabbits Foot. In this episode, Whit tells Lucy about how the story behind the Bible Room. Part of the story includes Connie reading horoscopes to some of the kids. (This is before Connie is a christian.) Whit explains that what we do, and say effects others more than we may realize.

Odyssey Fun Fact:
Wooton has had seven porcupines in his lifetime. Their names were Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jan, Cindy and Alice.

Thats all for today, this is Freddy Jay, saying "I think I want a porcupine now.....or maybe a skunk."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trains and Teeth

I was browsing the Links page on the Odyssey Scoop, and I came across the Club house Magazine website. Although there isn't much there to do with Odyssey, I did find Wooton's Ramblings entertaining.

Odyssey Connection: Today I had a dentist appointment. I dislike the dentist. Not the person/people that work on my teeth, just getting my teeth worked on. All the poking and prodding and scraping...uuhhh...Anyway my thought today was that in Dental Dilemma, Mark is like me. In the since that he doesn't like the dentist either. Emily on the other hand likes going to the dentist, which probably isn't very common.

On the way home it seemed we had to stop at every stoplight we came to. Then we had to wait on a very long train. It seemed to take forever. Sometimes our patience is challenged, over and over it seems. Zachery Sellers worked on his patience in the episode Do For a Change. Getting impatient is really easy to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere faster.

Thats all for now, This is Freddy Jay saying " Now six months till my next one..."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I added some gadgets to the side. The visitor counter,Odyssey poll,Joke of the week top 10!, and the visitor map, . More may come. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them. Tell me what you think of my new stuff.

Odyssey Connection: After school today I had to go with my mom to take my cat to the vet. He really doesn't like car rides, because usually the only time he enters the car or box, is when he's going to the vet. Also he shakes when he;s in the car, I think its instinct, like he knows that something is going to happen that he won't like. Speaking of cats and instincts, reminds of the Odyssey episode, The Day After Christmas. There's that lady that has like 300 cats! (Well more like seven, or eight.) She makes the comment that cats know when something is going to cause pain, and that it took a lot for one of her cats not to run away or attack her. This isn't the only episode that mentions cats. Other cats mentioned in Odyssey that come to mind are Boswell,(the cat that Robyn baby sat.)and Furguson (the cat that was Karen's and then she gave him to Donna.). There may be others, but those are ones I thought of right away.

That's all for today, This is Freddy Jay saying "Oh...I just remembered, dentist appointment tomorrow..."

Monday, February 15, 2010

CC News Update

I've mentioned before that Odyssey characters (NPCs) have been appearing in the chatroom on Campbell County. I posted so far two conversations that I have had with Blackgaard. Well today it seems Marvin (from The AIO Fan's Life) and another user named MAINE had an interesting and somewhat entertaining conversation with Rodney Rathbone. To read the full argument go to The AIO Fan's Life site. So who could pop into the chatroom next? Tasha? Dorris? Wooton? Eugene? Connie? or maybe Bernard? Who will have the next conversation with an AIO character? It could be you! They just kinda randomly appear in the chatroom. (Or have at least lately during the story arc.)

In other news on Campbell County I (Jason) has started a weekly news segment called CC Weekly News. To see my first news segment (did it before I got banned by the evil Dr. Blackgaard...)go here. As you can see a lot is happening at Campbell County.

Thats about all I have for now, This is Freddy Jay saying "Come give Campbell County a visit. you may like what you see."

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Odyssey Connection: Well a couple weeks ago, in band we had a substitute teacher. Everyone was warming up individually, so I decided to play the Star Spangled Banner. After a few measures a few people stopped playing. I continued not really noticing a change in the noise. Then when I got to the higher, "And the rockets Red glare" part, the room was completely silent, with all eyes on me listening tentatively to my trumpet playing. Once I realized everyone (18 or 19 people in our band) was listening I stopped. They urged me to finish it up, so I did. This moment felt like me fifteen minutes of fame. Like the Alex when he broke the mini golf record and the other guy from Fifteen minutes who had his big break with a TV show that then went down the tubes and was forgotten. I'm not sure if I'd consider this my "fifteen minutes" or not. It was fun though...Maybe next year I'll play the Star Spangled Banner as a solo at a Basketball game...

Blackgaard Land

Well the evil Blackgaard has succeeded in his takeover of Campbell County. And has also banned Jason (me). Here's a little recap. After his last take over of Campbell County, he "died" due to some wreath poison. Well we thought he was gone for good, but it turns out he wasn't dead the wreath poison actually mixed with the ruku virus and strengthened him. So he dug himself out of the grave at the cemetery and came back for another takeover. Quoted from chat room:

[08:05:13 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Welcome Citizens

[08:05:27 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : To Blackgaard Land

[08:05:59 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : A place of pain and excitement and death-scovery!

[08:06:52 14/02/10] @ Jason : Blackgaardville? Oh brother

[08:07:08 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Blackgaard LAND!

[08:07:13 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : You bumbler!

[08:07:35 14/02/10] @ Jason : Ok, either way its still Oh Brother

[08:07:44 14/02/10] @ Jason : you stink pot!

[08:08:24 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Honestly Jason...Give up the fight...I've won...Finally...I've won

[08:08:39 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : I've Won...

[08:08:46 14/02/10] @ Jason : Says you,

[08:08:54 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : I'VE WON!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

[08:08:59 14/02/10] @ Jason : Who's gonna listen to you?

[08:09:15 14/02/10] @ Jason : It's much more fun to argue

[08:09:56 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Regis will be gone soon and Nate's out of his mind. Sapphire poses no threat as her takeover was all but successful.

[08:10:36 14/02/10] @ Jason : So? There's still me eugene and the rest of the board!

[08:10:42 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Eugene will be a challenge but he's too wrapped up talking to NPC's to pay attention to me Very Happy

[08:11:39 14/02/10] @ Jason : He wouldn't be too distracted to stop you Blackgaard

[08:11:40 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : A few bans,Threads lockings,and Category disapeerins should make you all go quietly

[08:12:28 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : MUAH HA HQ

[08:12:46 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : And the forum colors are black once again...

[08:12:46 14/02/10] @ Jason : We won't let you get away with this!

[08:13:05 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : I already have

[08:13:32 14/02/10] @ Jason : Maybe, but you always have been foiled and always will be!

[08:13:38 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Look on the Bright Side : Your name stands out more now!

[08:13:48 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : MUAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

[08:18:20 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Jason..You will be the first...

[08:18:39 14/02/10] @ Jason : WHAT?...first for what...?

[08:19:23 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Yours will be a tragic landmark on the road to Blackgaard Land...

[08:19:39 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Too Bad you didnt come quietly...

[08:20:24 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Now you will share the fate Nate has...

For those of you who are completely lost and wondering what in the world I am talking about, We are in the beginnings of a story arc. Which is a fun little adventure-like period where there is an outbreak of Odyssey NPC (Non Player Characters.)interaction that ties in with a story. So right now, Blackgaard Rodney, and probably others sooner or later, are adding to the fun and interacting with the other users.

So thats all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Come join the fun as Blackgaard rules Blackgaard land..."

Saturday, February 13, 2010


The only news today is that the Odyssey Scoop new look is finished. It looks great! Every section looks different and great. So if you haven't checked it out, you should.

Odyssey Connection: Today I went to get a haircut. There was a really long line. So I started watching the barber cut peoples hair. Then I thought about how it would be odd if everyone was forced to look the same. If everyone was forced to wear the same clothes, shave their heads and eye brows, everyone would look almost identical to his/her neighbor. But, just like Monty learned in the Odyssey episode Ice Fishing. Everyone is unique just like snowflakes. There's not a single one that is exactly the same. Even if we look similar on the outside we are different on the inside. (not sure what was up with the "daydreaming everyone had shaved heads and eye brows...I think I was just really bored.)

After that later in the afternoon, I went to work on a fellow scout's eagle project. We are painting a jail cell. While painting it, (and giving my self a uni-brow/extra sideburns/paint in my hair on accident)I began to think ahead. What do I want to do for my eagle project? Then my mind strayed to Odyssey things.
Like: Will Jason ever be back in Odyssey episodes? Will Connie ever get married or finish her book? Should Eugene and Katrina ever going to have a child on the show? What are your thoughts on these questions?

Well that's about all for tonight. This is Freddy Jay saying "Don't forget to share your thoughts."

Friday, February 12, 2010

No news today

I don't have anything news worthy right now...but I do have an Odyssey connection.

Odyssey connection: Today we had an assembly at school. The guy that talked was a big muscular almost scary looking guy. He's a correction officer at a prison. He talked about how our decisions effect everything in our life, our present and our future. He also mentioned that one of the decisions that can effect us big time is who we decide to be our friends. The people we consider our friends can sometimes get us in trouble. I thought of the episode Under the Influence with Aubry and Erica. How Erica betrayed Aubry when they got pulled over by the police. Aubry learned who her true friends were.

That's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Good bye."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New theme for Odyssey

So along with the other changes, new character designs, new characters, in the latest podcast on the Whits End Podcast, they revealed that there is a new theme as well. You can hear it in the podcast. I like it, it is a little different than the old one, it sounds bigger, and more adventurous in a way. Also they are putting the podcast new theme to a vote, so don't forget to vote for the one you like.

Odyssey Connection: Well today I was in Spanish class. We had some free time so the student in front of me decided to tell me some jokes. All of them were somewhat lame and the majority were pretty dirty. I didn't laugh at any of them. Someone else told him never to become a comedian. This whole situation reminded me of the episode Issac the Pure, and how his whole quest to be pure began with dirty jokes. I felt like Issac, not wanting to hear these dirty jokes.

I had two snow days this week,(Which from what I heard we are supposed to get more snow this weekend...) get out at noon tomorrow and no school Monday. This calls for continuing my Odyssey marathon YES!

That's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "hopefully it's not snowing tomorrow..."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well..... I got my request...

I mentioned that I wanted another snow day...well I got it.Then Friday get out at noon and no school Monday... Anyway I didn't have my Odyssey marathon again like I had planned...or at least not all day again like yesterday. Two episodes I did hear are Wooing Wooton and Buddy Guard. Wooing Wooton is interesting to me because Wooton finds his perfect match, but she's not a christian therefore they can't be together.

Also I have decided to end my contest today. I have posted stating what my user name is on Campbell County on Campbell County. Its also now on the side as well. I plan on possibly having more contests that connect to CC.

Campbell County (I may have explained before)is a safe, fun, christian, Odyssey based forum. We discuss many different things there, and its a nice online community. We don't have a whole lot of active members at the moment so I encourage you to at least take a look and see if you like it. You can look around without registering.

Thats all for now, This is Freddy Jay saying, "I've had enough snow days..."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Blog Name

I decided to change the name of my blog. I figured you know that I'm Freddy Jay, so it didn't need to be part of the name. It kinda sounded redundant. Campbell County Connection is catchier than Freddy Jays Odyssey Report. Thanks again for the name idea Regis.

I'm hoping for another snow day tomorrow just so I can continue my Odyssey marathon. Not really wanting more snow or cold weather.......

Anyway, this is Freddy Jay saying drive safely in nasty weather.

CC News

Dr. Blackgaard is back! We need all the help we can get to stop him. Here is a quote from the chat room.

[14:56:45] Dr Blackgaard has joined the chat on Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:56 pm

[14:57:02] Dr Blackgaard : My plan is almost complete

[14:57:08] @ Jason : uh oh....?

[14:57:45] Dr Blackgaard : and nobody can stop me

[14:57:58] @ Jason : We sure can try

[14:58:23] @ Jason : Don't you know that good ALWAYS prevails over evil Blackgaard?

[14:58:24] Dr Blackgaard : I know the plans of your leader

[14:58:56] Dr Blackgaard : and with him out of the way, nothing will stop me

[14:59:37] @ Chocolate : and just what are my plans?

[15:00:21] Dr Blackgaard : Now that would be giving things away

[15:00:27] @ Jason : yeah

[15:00:52] @ Jason : you're not going to gt away with this

[15:00:54] Dr Blackgaard : and I can't have any loose ends lying about

[15:01:03] Dr Blackgaard : oh really?

[15:01:10] Dr Blackgaard : I think I will

[15:01:27] @ Jason : right thats what you THINK!

[15:01:49] Dr Blackgaard : Who is the more clever one here?

[15:02:03] Dr Blackgaard : who faked his death?

[15:02:24] Dr Blackgaard : who almost had eternal life in his grasp

[15:02:27] Dr Blackgaard : ?

[15:03:03] @ Jason : almost is the key word there, it never would've worked

[15:03:40] Dr Blackgaard : If it wasn't for the blasted Whittaker and Eugene, I would have won

[15:04:10] @ Jason : Supposedly

[15:04:37] Dr Blackgaard : In just 5 days this place will be history

[15:04:51] Dr Blackgaard : I am not happy that your leader took my name

[15:05:27] @ Chocolate : It happens to be a free country

[15:06:25] Dr Blackgaard : I wish Glossman was here

[15:06:42] Dr Blackgaard : I would take care of you now if he was

[15:07:03] Dr Blackgaard : but enough of the childish talk

[15:07:08] @ Jason : Glossman? You mean our puppet?

[15:07:16] @ Jason : your

[15:07:31] Dr Blackgaard : you have been warned and I think it is time to get back to my plan

[15:07:59] @ Jason : The one that is going to fail?

[15:08:07] @ Jason : again

[15:08:15] Dr Blackgaard : go ahead and play with the valentine stuff but you have no idea what you are getting yourself into

[15:08:28] Dr Blackgaard : you have already lost one helper

[15:08:32] Dr Blackgaard : I am not blind

[15:08:38] Dr Blackgaard : I saw it

[15:08:40] Dr Blackgaard is Disconnected on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:08 pm

He's up to something and we really need more members to help stop him.So if you haven't checked it out already, the link is on the side

In other news, I think I will end my contest Thursday. So if you have a guess on who I am on Campbell County, don't forget to email your guess.

Thats all for now, This is Freddy Jay saying "We need your help."

Snow Day!

Well I don't have much news, but, I did hear that Paul Herlinger passed away on Feb 2nd. Heres his obituary. Also be sure to check out the Odyssey scoop, there's a more in depth tribute to him. This came as a shock to me as I'm sure it did for almost everyone. He was great as Whit, and every time I hear episodes where he played Whit I will think of him.

Odyssey connection: Well today is a snow day, so I'm running an Odyssey marathon, starting with album 50 and going backwards. I'm now listening to Accidental Dilemma. I like this one because its action packed and Jason has his agent side of him shown again. I kinda had a thought about possibly recreating smiley from Snow Day...If the snow will pack.

I think that's all...This is Freddy Jay saying, why can't it be spring year round?

Monday, February 8, 2010


First, one person so far has gotten my user name on CC correct. Once two more people get it I will add my user name to my contact info.

I forgot to mention this before, the Passages series covers have been redone. Here is Darian's Rise.

Odyssey Connection:Today in Sociology we watched the Dead Poets Society. It made me think of different poems mentioned in Odyssey. Heres a couple that I know of.

I Like Pants- Charles Edward Thompson-From Poetry in Slow Motion

I put on pants every day
To go to school or to play
I like pants
Sometimes I wear pants of blue
Or brown to go with my shoe
I like pants
Sometimes I feel sorry for ants
Because they can't wear pants
I like pants
Pants cover my legs so that I can go
Without them I would be cold I know
I like pants
I like them so.

Too Large's Poem-from Best Laid Plans

I was trapped
by the invisible walls of my faith
tricked by the idea that I could not escape
chained up in a ghetto where my father died
fooled into thinking I would never go outside
imprisoned by my friends who knew nothing but war
shackled to everything that had gone on before
I would always be here in this dead end life of mine
my heart turned back by a city limit sign
and yet...
and yet I now see a way out of my concrete jail
a new way to soften a heart that's grown stale
no longer cursed in this place for the wealth
no longer fighting with man or myself
I understand now what it takes to get real
if you wanna stand up you have to learn how to kneel
I surrender,
my weapons are down at my feet
Cause we'll never have freedom when there's blood on the street

That's all for now, this is Freddy Jay saying maybe I'll try writing a poem...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints Win!

I watched the Super Bowl at my youth group Super Bowl Party. The Saints managed to pull it out and win thirty something to seventeen.

I watched for the Focus on the Family commercial, but I missed it because I had to run to the church to get some bibles. But I think I found it on youtube. Here it is if you missed it too. Focus commercial.

Odyssey Connection:At half time the T.V. went off and we had our little devotional. We talked about how team work is important and how it also works in the church. The B.O.D.Y skit from the episode BTV:Behind the Scenes came to mind. The church has to be united and work as a team.

Well we got more snow today and we;re supposed to get more tonight......This reminds me of the episode The Eternal Birthday. Where Liz finds out that Birthdays are fun, but over and over and over again isn't quite as fun. That is how I am beginning to feel about snow. Fun, but it gets old after a while.

I would love to hear any of your thoughts about anything I have posted. So you can comment here or email if you prefer.

Well that's about all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "I hope I don't wake up to more snow falling tomorrow..."

User Name Contest

As I have said I am a member of Campbell County. I haven't said what my user name is. I have posted comments on CC that match up with posts here.

So the first person to email my user name correctly (one guess per person please) gets $20 CC dollars (virtual money, that can be used to buy items and such on Campbell County) 2nd and third person to get it gets 10 and 5 CC dollars.

After three people get it right, I will state what it is under contact info.

Also if you send an email, include your CC user name, so I know who to give the money to.

Thats all for now, This is Freddy Jay saying who will win?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not a huge fan of football, but my youth group is having a super bowl party, and a small devotional at half time. So the fellowship ought to be fun anyway. I heard that Focus on the Family will be having a 30 second commercial also. I will be sure to keep my eyes open for that.

Also, I think I may have mentioned this before, but if not, there is a podcast called The Whitsend Podcast. I encourage you to check it out, because he does a great job.

Odyssey connection:This past Thursday at youth group we watched Shrek the Third. Its a pretty good movie. We had a devotional that went with it. Basically the devotional's point was that almost everything movies, books, our world too, have something in common. Some sort of battle between good and evil, and how good in the end ALWAYS prevails. I almost instantly thought of Regis Blackgaard and Bennett Charles when our youth leader said evil, and the fact that in both cases the bad guys always ended up busted in the end. (It wouldn't have been a good story line otherwise.)

I think that about sums up my thoughts for now. This is Freddy Jay saying,
"Now I think its time to see the first two Shrek movies..."

Friday, February 5, 2010

A little more about me

Well I kinda forgot to do this in my first post...(I got a head of my self...) Anyway, I am a huge Odyssey fan (I'm sure you can figure that out by now.) As for my real name well...that's my little secret, but you can call me Freddy Jay. It's a name I took from Odyssey, and tweaked it just a little. (Freddy C: and changed it to Jay, which is the first letter of my favorite character in Odyssey.)My favorite sites are Campbell County and Odyssey scoop, with Facebook, ToO,and,Whitsend close behind.

Thats not including AIO blogs. theres two others that really stick out to me. The AIO fan's Life and AIO Insanity. Marvin and Audry both are devoted fans to Odyssey, and if you haven't checked them out already, I highly recommend doing so. Heres another blog I found as well its called The Adventures in Odyssey Blog

Odyssey Connection: I almost forgot, I also have two cats and a dog named Abbi which reminds me a lot of the Barclays dog Normal in the episode Pet peeves. When Normal first came to the Barclay residence he chewed up shoes, and whimpered at night, etc. Abbi is pretty much the same way...... she does know some tricks. She knows sit, shake, down, and high five.

Well I think I'm done for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "sit shake, good dog."

My email etc.

I received my first comment today. So now I know I have at least one reader..Marvin (also the AIO fan's life author) commented that I should add my email. Thanks for the suggestion Marvin. It is now available on the side. so if you have any suggestions for my blog you can email me, or comment here if you prefer.

Also Campbell County got a new job system which included a money reset...So if you haven't joined already now would be as great a time as any. (Because the money is pretty much even right now....) I don't think I've explained in detail what Campbell County is. It is an Odyssey based christian forum. We have all sorts of topics to discuss and comment on. Like Bigfoot, the new Odyssey season, movies, and we have some forum games as well. (At the moment it tends to be a little slow..) So anyone interested would be a great addition.

Odyssey Connections of the day: So first off, today in Sociology/U.S. History, we had a substitute. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, but I began day dreaming on how a class would be like if Wooton became a substitute teacher. That would be so cool.

Also its been snowing pretty much ALL day today...kinda makes me think of the episode Snow day, (again) and Alex's snow song.

Well I think that just about wraps things up for now. So this is Freddy Jay saying when is Spring going to come?

If you have any thoughts on how Wooton would be as a substitute teacher, or anything else, feel free to comment.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New episode summaries

Hey I was browsing Odyssey Scoop and noticed that summaries for the first four episodes of the new season have been released.Here is what was posted.

The Inspiration Station I
Theme: Inspiration

Summary: Connie loves spending time in Whit’s newest invention, the Inspiration Station. But when a glitch shuts down the machine, her obsession may go too far. Meanwhile, Eugene traces the source of the malfunction to Matthew Parker, who apparently has been "fixing" everyone’s electronics, with disastrous results.

The Inspiration Station II
Theme: Inspiration

Summary: Whit is concerned about the Inspiration Station’s strange effects on Connie, but hopes the invention could be just the thing to inspire young Matthew Parker.

Theme: Storing up treasures in heaven

Summary: After nearly being mauled by the junk in his own garage, David Parker declares that his family is going to have a yard sale. Will the entire Parker family survive parting with their treasures?

Game for a Mystery
Theme: Putting off important things

Summary: Simon Jones just wants the hedge trimmed, but his son Barrett can’t tear himself away from his portable video game – until it disappears without a trace! Emily, along with trusty sidekick Matthew, takes this as a case for the newly‑formed "Jones & Parker Detective Agency.

I like how they are going to start the new season with a two part episode. I was also pleased to see that there is a three part episode in this season as well. and that is how they are going to end the season.

The time till the new season airs is getting closer and closer. Feel free to leave any thoughts of what you think future episodes should contain.

Odyssey connection of the day: This semester in P.E. our teacher decided that we needed to work harder to get a good grade. Therefore he decided to make us walk a mile on Tuesdays and run the mile on Thursdays (also have to lift weights before we do the mile.) Anyway while I was jogging the mile my legs began to get sore, my ribs felt like they were trying to break out, sweat was dripping off my hair. Then I just couldn't jog anymore. I slowed down to a walk for a lap. Then I thought of snow day. How Alex persevered to the finish to get the cookies to Grandmas house. I sped back up for the final two laps and finished. Felt like I was going to hyperventilate...but I beat my past times and managed to finish the mile in 9min and 14 sec.

Well I think thats all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying I need to get in shape...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Odyssey gets a makeover

This is somewhat old news by now..Anyway the characters of Odyssey, along with the Whits end site looks different. They redesigned some of the characters (Whit, Connie, Eugene, and WOOTON.)

I know these aren't the full length pics...I may get those later. Anyway I'd love to hear any feedback you may have about the new character designs and the new logo.

Another thing that was in the latest video podcast on the whits end website is that the Passages covers are getting a makeover as well. Darians Rise will look very similar to the audio version cover.

This is Freddy Jay saying "goodnight."

P.S. This is a hot topic in Campbell County(and the ToO) at the moment,along with the new season and what it may be like. If you have any input feel free to join in on the fun. Newcomers are always welcome. Links to both are on the side.

Hey Odyssey Fans out there

Hey I'm Freddy Jay, and I'm hitting the blog scene to give you my Odyssey feedback. I will include my feedback about the new episodes that will begin airing in 30 days. Also I may include bits and pieces of info I pick up.
I know that there are great fan blogs out there already, (Such as The unofficial Whits end Podcast, Odyssey insanity, and The AIO fan's life) I figure why not join the fun!

Today in Sociology we watched a clip about the issue on lowering the drinking age to eighteen. Personally I don't think its a good made me think of the Odyssey episode with the toy chicken. I think if they lowered the drinking age it would just make it easier for younger kids to get a hold of.....And it would just make the drunk driving issue worse.

One more thing before I go. There's an awesome Odyssey message board (not the ToO but that one is great too) Its called Campbell County. There aren't a whole lot of active members right now.....Its growing steadily though.

I will have links on the side later that are great Odyssey sites/blogs.

That's all for now, This is Freddy Jay signing off.