Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Official Podcast

The newest Official podcast is out with another free episode. Gloobers! Along with it is an interview with Brandon Gilberstadt and Kris Kachurak a.k.a. Jared and Dwayne! This is a great podcast, definitely don't want to miss it. Not sure why it's not on the official site at the moment...but you can listen with the player below, or on Odyssey Scoop. 

Odyssey Thought : Population

The other day I was listening to Second Thoughts. In this episode Eugene and Bernard are on their trip to California, and have to make an untimely stop in a little town in Iowa. At one point when talking to the young boy that lives there Eugene says "It's (Odyssey) about 97 times your population." Considering the only "fun" thing to do is stare at the stoplight, lets say that this town's population is between 300-1000. Than that means Odyssey would be between 3000-100,000. I'm leaning more in the middle of that somewhere. Odyssey must be a pretty big town/small city if you really think about it. In Something's got to change, The Washington's moved from one side of Odyssey to the other, making Ed's commute to Whit's End Connellsville go from 45minutes-1hr  away to 15 minutes away. By moving from one side to the other of town, it made 30-45 minutes difference getting to Connellsville. Also Odyssey has a bus station and a train station. So to narrow down my guesstimate....I'd have to say Odyssey maybe has between 33,000-80,000 people.

Side note: It seems like somewhere I saw a population sign for Odyssey with Dylan standing next to it. But since that is the video series, it's not really cannon with the audio series.

Keep an eye on the Glossary page/Day in Odyssey blog (Link to side) I'll be going through different places and people in Odyssey.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas was here and now gone.

I had intended to post last week...but with Christmas, last minute wrapping of presents, family visiting, catching up on my sleep, and working in Odyssey Christmas episodes.....That didn't happen. So here's a post to make up for the one I intended to post. (That was sorta rambly...but below is the more important stuff. :] )

Odyssey Connection: It's very easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush. Making a wishlist that is six pages long, running around getting last minute shopping done, and getting the house clean for company always seems to be a natural part of the Christmas spirit right? There's an episode that comes to mind that talks about this very theme (most likely several have similar themes). In the beginning of Peace on Earth,  Tom has to remind Whit what the true reason for the season is. He was so caught up in getting this and that done, that he didn't have the time to enjoy the snowfall. Also in this episode the Barclay parents went all out and got the kids nearly everything they asked for, which was followed by them getting robbed of nearly everything, except their health. This episode reminds me that even though Christmas is a time that I get gifts, it's more fun to give.

Last wednesday, my church did something we called a "cookie ministry". We made up bags of various types of cookies and candies and then delivered them to the community. (We had 136 bags, and around 15 people passing them out.) It was great giving them away for FREE. No catch whatsoever. The recipients of the cookies always had a slightly surprised look on their faces followed by a smile. Even though it was cold when we did this, the smiles warmed me up a little..(Figuratively speaking.)

My point of all this is during the Christmas season and the holiday rush, it's important to remember the real reason for the season. The birth of Jesus in a stable. How he could have been born in a bright shiny palace with servants, in any other place but Bethlehem. He could have been raised as a well known prince. But no. He was born in a stable with stinky filthy animals and placed in a manger (Feeding trough). He was a gift to mankind that in the end was the ultimate gift.

Thanks to those that wished me a Merry Christmas, and I hope your Christmas was a great one as well. Every year my family gets together and we play lots of games, and we always have a ping pong tournament. What did you do for Christmas? What'd you get? Feel free to share in the comments.

That's all for the moment. This is Freddy Jay saying "Merry Christmas."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Album 53 and Books

File:Fendarslegacynew.jpgThe repacked covers for the last two Passages books have been released. Also it's been said that if you want to see a seventh book in the series, the repacks have to sell, and you can also send in letters saying how much you like Passages.

This may be slightly old, but I found this on AIOwiki pertaining to news on album 53.
"We have a few new tidbits on Album 53 today, just a reminder that this is all subject to change and none of this will be confirmed until spring when it's on the radio and in stores.
First it seems that the theme for the 12 part episode will be on "Recognizing deception". Also it seems that the album will include a behind-the-scenes video of the actors in the studio creating this unique collection. Lastly there's a slightly different summary for the album out now.
 It all beings when a small plane crashes under strange circumstances outside town. The mystery deepens when a backpack filled with money is found in the woods near Gower's Field, outside of Odyssey. What does all of this have to do with the Green Ring Conspiracy? Whit, Eugene, and Connie have to put together the clues before it's too late to stop a worldwide conspiracy!"
Well that's all for now. The new season has come to a close. So what'd ya think? Thoughts, comments, and possible debates are always welcome.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Malted Milkball Falcon Review

Malted Milkball Falcon

This is the third Jones and Parer mystery as of yet. As stated before, I don't care for them(Especially stage fright. Since my review of Game for a Mystery, my liking of that one went down alot........) Any-who, my thoughts on other J&P mysteries aside, here's my thoughts on this episode.
The way they did thw whole name deal...Suggesting a name, knocking it cause it's too long and then bringing in the actual name....was alright in Stage fright, but perhaps somewhat predictable in this one since they did it before. This episode poses the same kind of feat as the other J&P mysteries we've seen so far. A mystery at hand, clues that point to one person, than to another, and in the end there's no way you could have came up with the solution by predicting the culprit. I liked the rock-a-thon idea, and it sounds like an interesting fundraiser idea. For one reason or another, this episode didn't keep my attention as well as others. I'm beginning to get used to Andre's voice as Whit. He stuck out at first, but now it seems like there's not as much of a difference. He's really beginning to grow on me. I don't have a whole lot else to say on this episode....So here's the ratings.

Theme: 3/5 The theme was Honesty, An important thing to remember, but it seemed it took the long way to bring out the theme. I'm not sure I gathered what the theme was till closer to the end.

Humor: 3/5 The humor factor in this episode wasn't necessarily outstanding or overwhelming. It had some funny seconds, but nothing too memorable.

Music: 4/5
Interest Level: 2/5 Like the other J&P mysteries I found myself losing my focus...
"Like" rating: 2/5  This episode ranks purdy close to Stage Fright. The approach to the many twists, the unpredictable ending....not to my taste.

Rating:  2.5/5

This Saturday Grandma's Christmas Visit airs and wraps up the new season. Be sure to tune in.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Imagination Station Series and More Poetry

 The first two books of the Imagination Station series are available to order, and are for a low price of $4.99 on Brock's blog, The Quest For Truth. These books look really good, and would make great additions as Christmas gifts/ on a Christmas wish list.

Odyssey Connection: A while back, I did an Odyssey connection that had to do with poetry in Odyssey. 
A month or so ago I took one of my poems to a church talent dealy. Here it is below.

He Is There
 (A poem By me )

When you feel alone.
like no one else is there
or when you are angry
and want to rip out your hair
He is there
When you need a friend
someone you can talk to
or when you have a problem
and dont know what to do
He is there
When things have gone wrong
and no one seems to care
or when you walk in and
everyone seems to stare
He is there
When a big strorm is brewing
and things are getting rougher
when everything is piling up
and life is getting tougher
He is there
When you need to make a choice
between wrong and right
or when a big ol bully
is forcing you to fight
He is there.
God is always there
no matter what the need
He is there for you
and he is there for me

Since my other post I found a couple more poems from Odyssey episodes.

Beyond the window (From Lost by a Nose)
I see my face
reflecting in the window as the rain falls.
How many times have I seen that face
staring in the glass?
How many times have I wished that face was not my own?
The rain fades softy away.
A shaft of sun pierces the brooding clouds like a sword.
And a thought pierces me as well.
There is one who knows me deeper than the others.
He knows how I cry inside while I put on a smile for the others.
He knows how I remember mocking words and deeds.
He knows how I dream of countries and castles far away.
He calls me by name and smiles at me.
He reaches out his hand for mine.
He knows me. Because he made me.
And now shows me life beyond the window.
~ Gwen Kablonski

The Dishrag (from Plan B, IV- Resistance)
By Connie Kendall
The dishrag sits on the counter,
Catching no one's eye
The polished bronze a reflection
Clear as the cloudless sky.
The dishrag is tossed,
The laundry is it's fate.

 I must say that  Beyond the Window is one of my favorites among Odyssey poems.
TTFN, Tata for now.

An Agreeable Nanny Review

Here we go!

I had a brief moment of de'ja'vu with this episode. The three Parker kids sitting behind the counter telling Whit a story about what happened recently. This story-telling trio was in Grandmas Visit as well.

Why call the babysitter nanny? I guess it comes with her "being from England." Platanos machos fritos sounds like a really good dessert. The Parker kids did a typical kid-like thing. They deliberately tried to deceive the nanny on every turn. The dessert for dinner, then there's the banana fight,the washing the dishes outside, the scary movie. This episode was moment after moment of funniness, chaos and...more chaos. Washing the dishes in the yard and making them launch across the yard sounds like fun. May have to try it some day... The War of the Jurassic Aliens sounds amazing...for a proper audience. Understandably, it doesn't sound like one Camilla should have picked...
Fave quote: Nanny: Where has Olivia...? Olivia: I'm here. Nanny: Oh Goodness, is that a pony? Haha...
Overall I think the Parker kids learned their lesson. They asked for more responsibility, but when they got it, they didn't act responsibly. At first I was thrown off by why the Nanny pretended to be from English. If they didn't know who the babysitter was why act? But I suppose by her pretending to be from England, she could be even more ignorant of American customs and truly test how responsible the kids could be.

Theme: 4.5/5
Humor: 4/5
Music: 5/5
Interest Level: 4.5/5
"Like" rating: 4/5

Rating:  4.5/5
Whoah, believe it or not I'm caught up now. Which means I can review others either later or during the week.  Will that last? When will I have another Odyssey Connection? I guess we'll have to see.
Tata for now.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Thankstaking Story Review

Here we go with A Thankstaking Story.

Version Difference: In the album version there's more talk about where Connie's cell phone might be, including this quote: Whit: Did you check the refrigerator, that's where you left it the last time. Connie: Yes and no it's not in there. Eugene: Well how about the restroom , that's where you make most of your phone calls. Connie: No..How would you know that?
Also it has an extra conversation between Wooton and Connie bout where it may or may not be, revealing that the cookie jar was a spot where it had been before. As well as some other snippets.The online version is approximately 25 min whereas the CD version is approximately 5 minutes longer. (According to a podcast it's the longest episode so far in Adventures in Odyssey). My review for this episode ( as the others have been so far) is from the CD version.

Square One introduced Hagglers Junkyard  and in A Thankstaking Story episode we meet Mr. Haggler. And find out that he's Jay's Uncle. Wooton's suggestion for a game is very...Wooton-like. Perhaps someday I'll try that...permitted I can find people to play it with. Whit being the narator for the story was a nice touch. I think someone else said it, but it has a Passages type touch to it with him as narrator. As soon as the music started for the first song I knew I was going to like this one. One thing that surprsied me was that Wooton plays the harmonica, and actually knows more than camp town races! (Which it wouldn't surprise me if he can play it on the harmonica as well.) I very much liked the songs in this episode. Catchy, and have a nice beat. In the first sing we hear Connie sing, and she's not half bad. She didn't sing the melody, but she did purdy good with the harmony. The way it was a spin on the Grinch who Stole Christmas was an interesting take, and similar to how they did the Thanksgiving Carol. It was very Dr. Sues-y the way it rhymed.  Arctic Blast's tributes to Elvis were cool. The theme was plain and obvious, but sometimes the simple things are the easiest to forget. Thanksgiving is a time for thanking God for the blessings we have. I like the mentioning of the five kernels of corn. First one is for the beauty of autumn. Second one is reminder of God's grace and forgiveness. Third is for the blessings of family. Fourth is the blessing of friendship. The fifth reminds to be thankful for our freedom. All those are great things to be thankful and shouldn't be overlooked. Harlow is back in this episode at the end. And he didn't have a whole lot of lines, and the ones he had aren't too painfully Harlow like.
This episode appropriately aired Thanksgiving weekend. It is definitely a great addition to the few Thanksgiving episodes that we have. And is definitely one of my favorites in this album.

Theme: 5/5
Humor: 4/5
Music: 5/5
Interest Level: 5/5
"Like" rating: 5/5

Rating:  5/5

I know it's a little late, but I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. How was it? Did you burn the turkey like ion Thanksgiving at home? Or did you tell stories like in A Thankstaking Story or a Thanksgiving Carol? I'd love to hear how it went, so feel free to comment. Mine was a nice casual, nothing out of the ordinary dinner with my grandparents and family, followed by a few games of ping pong. (The only sport I'm decent at.)

Well that's all for this post. This is Freddy Jay "saying" "Catch ya later."

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Square One Review

Here we go with "Square One." (Spoilers are below. If haven't heard it yet, caution)

The beginning sorta makes it sound like it's gonna be another Jones and Parker mystery, but without Emily's narration. I was pleased however that it was not an official J&P mystery. The name of the pinball machine, Turbox300laserblaster pinball machine makes me chuckle every time I hear them say it. It;'s such a mouth full. Most likely a good fraction of this episode is used with them saying that name. It's so funny....someone should count how many times it's said... Anyway. Matthew sorta seems like either a blabber mouth, has short term memory, or just easy to get information from. Nelson, Ryan and Pete are all back for this episode. Which at first seems to point to another kids-burrow episode. Their secret club turns out to be a tinkerers club, which fits Matthew and Nelson great, and adds more to Ryan and Pete's characters. The feel of this episode was calm, and sorta...old school Odyssey, but that's not a bad thing at all. It definitely kept me interested the entire episode, and the theme is an important one as well. Matthew learns a great lesson on trust. That once a trust is broken, it isn't easily mended with compliments, gifts, speeches, etc. That there's no shortcuts to earning one's trust. Trust has to be earned back with time. Emily didn't gather that concept at the time Matthew did though.  I was pleased that Matthew didn't want back in through Emily's method of blackmail.  It was nice that Matthew was let back in, the right way though.

Theme: 4/5
Humor: 3.5/5
Music: 5/5
Interest Level: 4/5
"Like" rating: 5/5

Rating:  4.5/5

In other news, the person who thinks I'm some sort of evil genius that has a plot to control the worl with walking Oreos or something (a.k.a. Agent 3XQ)... is back..sorta...Not sure what he's up to, but something is going on.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Little news, but reviews to come

The AIOwiki is hosting contets. One is a logo contest, which is gradually coming to a conclusion. Last month people sent in their entries, and now it's come to the time to vote. (You can do so here.) (My entries are the two shown below.) Odyssey Way's original Joe has a couple entries as well I believe.

               The album 52 season is gradually coming to a close. (My reviews of Square One and A Thankstaking Story should come soon...along with Tomorrow's episode, An Agreeable Nanny.) What do you think of the season thus far?  How does it compare to album 51? Do you like the new characters better now than before? Inquiring minds want to know what you think! So feel free to comment. (Insert nodding smiley here.)      So until next time (which may be tonight with a review or two) this is Freddy Jay typing "so long".