Thursday, December 30, 2010

Odyssey Thought : Population

The other day I was listening to Second Thoughts. In this episode Eugene and Bernard are on their trip to California, and have to make an untimely stop in a little town in Iowa. At one point when talking to the young boy that lives there Eugene says "It's (Odyssey) about 97 times your population." Considering the only "fun" thing to do is stare at the stoplight, lets say that this town's population is between 300-1000. Than that means Odyssey would be between 3000-100,000. I'm leaning more in the middle of that somewhere. Odyssey must be a pretty big town/small city if you really think about it. In Something's got to change, The Washington's moved from one side of Odyssey to the other, making Ed's commute to Whit's End Connellsville go from 45minutes-1hr  away to 15 minutes away. By moving from one side to the other of town, it made 30-45 minutes difference getting to Connellsville. Also Odyssey has a bus station and a train station. So to narrow down my guesstimate....I'd have to say Odyssey maybe has between 33,000-80,000 people.

Side note: It seems like somewhere I saw a population sign for Odyssey with Dylan standing next to it. But since that is the video series, it's not really cannon with the audio series.

Keep an eye on the Glossary page/Day in Odyssey blog (Link to side) I'll be going through different places and people in Odyssey.


  1. This is an excerpt from AIOWiki's article on Odyssey:
    ". . .it can be inferred from numerous Adventures in Odyssey episodes that Odyssey has a population between 40,000 and 55,000 (it was published as 34,770 circa 1990)."

  2. Ok,thanks for pointing that out. I missed that when I was looking. Those numbers line up with my facts too. (My guestimate was a little off though...)

  3. That was a very interesting post. Thank you for putting all those thoughts together.

    BTW, I think the sign Dylan Taylor is standing in front of just says "Odyssey--7 Miles". But maybe there's another one I haven't seen.

  4. Thank you for reading :) That's probably the sign I was thinking of. I couldn't find it... Or I would have included it in my post.