About me

The author of this blog is a huge fan of the radio show adventures in Odyssey.  My favorite character is Jason Whittaker. While Freddy Jay is my pen name, my actual name is Joseph.

Others Thoughts About CC Connection

Each post (Referring to CC Connection) contains something about how his day related to an AIO episode. Genius. - Audry of AIO Insanity

CCC connects it's news to Campbell County/AIO. Not only does he relate Odyssey to real life, but it's a really interesting website.-Marvin of AIO Fan's Life

Freddy Jay (Campbell County Connection) could really be an evil genius that is going to try to take over the world with his technological mind, a herd of mutant animals that he only he can control, and a pack of walking twinkies!-Agent 3XQ

My Top Ten favorite Whits End Inventions

10.The pizza oven made from an old copy machine (With the help of Danny)
9.The Environment Enhancer
8. Whit's Boredom Buster
7. The Transmuter
6. The computer room (monitors all the displays at Whits End)
5. B.E.A.V.E.R.S.
4. The Room of Consequence
3. The Edu-link
2. The Inspiration Station
1. The Imagination Station

 My top Ten favorite Odyssey albums

10. Album 21 Wish You Were Here
9.Album 50 The Best Small Town
8. Album 41 In Hot Pursuit
7. Album 48 Moment of Truth
6. Album 33 Virtual Realities
5. Album 25 Darkness Before Dawn
4.Album 32 Hidden Treasures
3. Album 29 Signed Sealed and Committed
2. Album 27 The Search For Whit
1. Album 22 The Changing Times

Top Ten things I think Wooton needs to do on AIO.
10. Explain his policy on No Latin at the Breakfast table.
9. Invent some sort of meat launcher that distracts dogs on his mail route.
8. Build a moat for his tree house.
7. Ask Whit to create a new type of ice cream that has pieces of fresh licorice in it.
6. Have a formal dinner with the President of the U.S.
5. Meet another perfect match for him who is also a christian.
4. Make his exit slide go out of the second floor of his house and wrap all the way around his house a couple times.(If it doesn't already..)
3. Play Camp Town Races on more instruments including the trumpet.
2. Become a substitute teacher.
1. Come up with another song like My Ode to Macaroni