Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Never for Nothing Review

Never for Nothing:

This episode was one I really looked forward to reviewing. It's quite possibly my favorite of album 54.
Grandma Lucia is a character that is interesting. She's older and opens up room for stories of her childhood, like has been done with Whit, Bernard, Tom, and Jack. it's excellent that she's moved to Odyssey. I like the way it ties the past to the present. Juan was to Lucia as Jay is to Matthew. The line by Esperanza that goes;
EsperanzaMy Papa says we must always show love. No matter what. It does good.
Young LuciaIt's a waste of time on some people. It does nothing.
EsperanzaNo. Love is never for nothing.
is my favorite quote from the episode. Matthew and the halfway house shows another aspect of love. And Matthew learns a little on loving Jay unconditionally. Esperanza is an inspiration to live and love without expecting niceness back. She repeatedly tells Lucia "never for nothing" throughout the story. The way Esperanza  offers to get Juan's shoe despite the fact that Juan was so aweful to them is so unlike the typical society viewpoint. The fact that she died makes this story so powerful and I totally wasn't expecting it. She tried to help out someone who could easily be determined an enemy, and ended up dying for it.
I definitely wasn't expecting the twist at the end with the halfway house owner being Juan. It almost opens the opportunity for Lucia and Juan to meet up again down the road. You never can tell.

This episode is so powerful and it reminds me that it's important to love unconditionally. I've listened to this one countless times, and it easily is one of my favorites.

Theme: Love Never Fails; 4.5/5
Humor: 4/5-- There may not have been much humor in this one, but with the seriousness of the episode it would have seemed out of place. 
Quotes: 4/5 --
Standout Quote(s): 
EsperanzaMy Papa says we must always show love. No matter what. It does good.
Young LuciaIt's a waste of time on some people. It does nothing.
EsperanzaNo. Love is never for nothing. 

Interest level: 4/5
"Like" rating: 5/5

Average Rating 5/5   

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Labyrinth, Part 1 Review

The Labyrinth, part 1 Review

The Labyrinth finally aired this past weekend. Well the first part at least. Here are my thoughts so far.

The first scene introduces two new characters to us. Agent Florin and Agent Billings of MI5 (British Intelligence).The accents are exceptional. This first scene was an excellent recap of what happened with Jason thus far as the Stiletto and the whole GRC.  The fact that MI5, Interpol and American Intelligence are working together makes everything so interesting. And setting it London is so awesome.

Jason as The Grinder is an interesting concept. We've already seen him work as The Stiletto, so having him undercover again as the Grinder to meet Reggie fingers seemed cool. I liked that Jason's secret identity was found out really quickly. It also disappointed me a little. I mean Jason is so awesome. He's not supposed to make mistakes. But that's also why I like this part. Jason slipped up and the bad guys get ahead in the game. It shows that even Jason slips up in the agent game. Sue is such an interesting character. She knows the ins and outs of London. A perfect accomplice for Jason. Almost too perfect? Jason and Sue find out that the police think that Jason was responsible for gassing the van. I like that Jason called Whit to get help. Which brings us to Dale and Ann Jacobs who just happen to be in London for a journalism symposium.
It's funny that Jason can't just walk into his room due to the fact that it's probably being watched by the police. Jason's plan for Dale and Sue to break in and get his brief case is brilliant.
Billings and Florin wake in the hospital. Billings seems to trust Jason while Florin is convinced that Jason could be turned and caught up in the labyrinth. She's so intent on getting a hold of Jason. But Jason is awesome and knows where his loyalties lie. He'd never betray anyone.
At the hotel Dale and Sue retrieve the briefcase, but not the easiest task in the world. A Detective Macontosh was watching the room and talked to Dale for a bit before going across the hall to watch the rooms from there. Thinking quickly Dale transports Sue in Jason's suitcase and tells the officer that Sue fell asleep. Pure genius. They take the elevator to floor two and then use the fire escape to the ground. The episode ends

This episode is packed with information and I had to listen several times to grasp it all. It's written so well and leaves you hanging as always. :D

Theme: Following the Right Path; 4/5
Humor: 4/5
Quotes: 4/5 --
Standout Quote(s): 

Reggie FingersThe Grinder. What kinda name is that? Is that something you do with your teeth? Or with your finger nails, or with other people?
The GrinderI used to have a dancing monkey in the street. Grinder. Get it?
Jason WhittakerYou do much praying Sue?
SueI'm 'fraid not.
Jason WhittakerNow might be a good time to start.

Interest level: 6/5
"Like" rating: 6/5

Average Rating 5/5  

I'll catch up with 54 hopefully really soon. Also be watching for an addition to CC Connection coming in the next few days.