Friday, August 27, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in forever. I've been busy with things...but now there's some exciting news that I just couldn't help but post about. Even if most true fans probably know this already. We now know 11/12 titles for album 52. Plus we know some of the schedule. The title that we didn't know before was Wooton's Broken Pencil show. For some of the season schedule, and episode summaries. Click here.

Odyssey Connection: Today in P.E. we were playing one of the most dangerous and most fun games ever. Dodge ball. It was fun. Until we figured out that we were going to lose no matter how hard we tried. It reminded me of the episode Snow Day. How it was Mandy, Alex, Nathaniel, and Cal against the Bones of Wrath.This may not have been a snow ball fight, and we weren't trying to deliver cookies, but we were indeed out skilled. It was then that Alex's chant came to mind. "Are we warriors or are we wimps?" I think my response was pretty much "We are wimps sir."And we gave it our all. We were persistent and didn't give up. Even though we were beaten 5, 6, or 7 times...It was still great fun though. Ahhh the joys of getting hit in the head by a dodge ball and chucking them at people. Great fun.

Well that's about all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "So long."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little news

Not much news..but in the Odyssey fan community we have a few things. First off AIO Wiki has recently made its 100,000th edit. Which is an amazing number. That site is the place to find just about anything you want to know about Odyssey and it's edited by fans just like you.

Also Original Joe of Odyssey Way recently made his 100th post. And in honor of that he has made six Odyssey character emoticons. With the first two being Eugene and Connie. My 100th post is coming up as well. Do I have something special in mind? Will it be cool? Only time will tell.

One last piece of news, The Odyssey times has a new feature on their blog. It features song clips from Odyssey episodes such as songs from Odyssey Sings, and The Great Wishy Woz, and The Jubilee Singers. You fans out there can submit suggestions for more additions to the page to make it even better.

Well that's about all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "So long"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Feature

My July schedule was sorry I haven't posted for a while...and with school starting soon, don't know how that will effect my blogging either...Anyway on with some news.

With the radio starting from the beginning of Odyssey, I had the inspiration for something new. It's called a Day in Odyssey. I doubt I'll have a new post daily...and it may not go in order. Basically it's an episode as told by a character in the story. It's a work in progress...and I'm hoping it will get better over time. Be sure to take a look and tell me what ya think. I'll have a link of some sort on the side eventually...

Also we know 10 and a half of the 12 episode names of the new season. (This may be old info to everyone else...)
For now that's all I got. Until next time, This is Freddy Jay saying "Busy busy busy."