Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Feature

My July schedule was crazy...so sorry I haven't posted for a while...and with school starting soon, don't know how that will effect my blogging either...Anyway on with some news.

With the radio starting from the beginning of Odyssey, I had the inspiration for something new. It's called a Day in Odyssey. I doubt I'll have a new post daily...and it may not go in order. Basically it's an episode as told by a character in the story. It's a work in progress...and I'm hoping it will get better over time. Be sure to take a look and tell me what ya think. I'll have a link of some sort on the side eventually...

Also we know 10 and a half of the 12 episode names of the new season. (This may be old info to everyone else...)
For now that's all I got. Until next time, This is Freddy Jay saying "Busy busy busy."

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