Saturday, July 17, 2010

Green Ring Conspiracy Titles?

While I was away, a ton of news was revealed. (I'm sure you found everything other places such as Odyssey Way, AIO Fan's Life, Voice of Odyssey etc.) One such piece of news is that Album 53's title is The Green Ring Conspiracy and it will be in a similar format as Darkness Before Dawn And a podcast interview with Hope Levy. . I absolutely can't wait and I'm sure you share my anticipation. I decided to use my good ol imagination and well here's what I came up with.

*Note the following information is just a fan's imagination at work. Not an inkling of truth to it.

The Green Ring Conspiracy

1. The Beginning of the End
2. A Long Lost Friend
3. The Ring of Secrecy
4. The Night-Mayor
5. Blackgaard's History
6. Evil is in the Air
7. Vengeful Thinking
8.  The Demise of Maxwell
9.   Rings of Deception
10. The Quest For Truth
11. Evil Never Prevails
12.The Last Chapter

To see other thoughts on possible titles, check out this ToO topic.

Odyssey Connection: Last week I helped at a kids camp. It was great. I was put in a cabin with 8 second - fourth graders, and a head counselor, and we had a great time. My experience kinda reminded me of the episode called Connie Goes To camp. In this episode she is a counselor at Camp What-a-Nut. She says something like (referring to being a counselor) "..That just means I get to go to bed later and get up earlier than everyone else." Quoted for truth. Along with that, they kept the kids busy with all sorts of activities, and I could participate as well. Activities included, Disc golf, Camper bowling, Archery, making marshmallow shooters, obstacle course, and the slip and slide. The speakers were awesome too. Wednesday night was Team extreme night, and they karate chopped tons of boards (enough for everyone in the camp to have a piece son they could sign them.) One of the speakers broke Three cement blocks. It was a spectacular week.

I think that's all for now....This is Freddy Jay saying "Catch ya later."

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