Saturday, February 25, 2012

Odyssey Wallpaper

Here are some Odyssey wallpaper I made.

 Simply click the thumbnail, then right click and click apply as background.

Album 55 Summaries!

Hey all gather around. Here are the summaries for the upcoming season.

The Labyrinth, Part 1-3:
Jason's pursuit of Mr. Grote leads him to London, where he finds a plot even more ominous than the Green Ring Conspiracy. Jason must seek the help of some old friends to unravel Mr. Grote's schemes before it's too late.

My thoughts: 
This episode will finally wrap up the loose ends from the Green Ring Conspiracy, and we might finally hear Mr. Grote's voice! The fact that it takes place in London makes it all the better and that fact that its a three parter with Jason in it is even better.

To Mend or Repair:  
To distract her from some devastating personal news, Eugene tries to keep Katrina busy all the time. Meanwhile, Barrett gives Priscilla a special honor -- reading the pledge of allegiance on the morning announcements.

My thoughts:
 The Eugene Katrina storyline sounds really intriguing. What in the world could the devastating news be? That they can't have kids? Is Katrina sick? This is one of the episodes I am anticipating the most. The Barrett Priscilla storyline sounds kinda simplistic but maybe it'll compliment it nicely.

Mistaken For Good:
Jay's visit to a nursing home takes an unexpected turn when an old woman mistakes him for her grandson -- and offers him money as a birthday present.

My Thoughts:
 sounds very interesting. but initially there has to be more to it. I wonder how this one will play out.

Sgt York, Parts 1-4:
Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard tell the story of Sergeant Alvin York, a troublemaker from rural Tennessee who became a World War I hero.

My Thoughts;
The fact that Red is in this one makes me all the more excited. The fact that it's a history episode on a story I don't know very well makes me even more so. Considering it's a four parter it should be really good.

Child's Play:
Eugene and Katrina take on a crazy weekend when they agree to babysitting two kids: one with limitless energy and another who must know the answer to every question.

My Thoughts: 
Sounds like a hilarious episode. Not to mention a look at how the couple could do with kids. 

Something Old, Something New Parts1-2:
Penny brainstorms ways to promote Connie's wedding planning business and one of her schemes dramatically backfires. Meanwhile, Matthew and Emily investigate a woman who may be trying to scam Jacque Henri.

My Thoughts:
I've heard some leaks about this one but won't further those. This episode sounds really interesting, but I'm hoping since it's a two parter there's more to it than the episode where everyone thinks Whit is getting married. I'm pleased that Penny is involved in some way.  I'm glad to see that Jacque Henri will be returning because he adds some diversity to the show. 

What are your thoughts? Be sure to discuss in the comments.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Where is Odyssey Taking us?

As AIO continues the ever recurring question is where is it headed? When the show rebooted starting with album 51 it was thought that little would be mentioned of past events and certain past characters. But this changed quickly. Album 51 mentioned Eugene's trying to technologically advance Whit's End, album 52 brought back Harlow, album 53 brought back Monty and Katrina (Thankfully enough. Though that was sure to happen.) and in 55 it brings back Dale and Ann and mentions Jason's fake death. But when it comes to the town of Odyssey itself it's beginning to feel recreated right now. So far we haven't heard from very many of the older buisnesses, but are being introduced to all sorts of newer ones. Like the Art Gallery, and the Music Store, and Sports store. It'd be really nice to hear from some of the old businesses too or at least get a reason for them not being around. For example The Electric Palace and/or The Harlequin Theater could get new management/ownership. Also, bringing back Dern and his radio station could be good too. It took years to establish the Odyssey that we know with the businesses and characters and things. It seems to me that the Leonard Everett story line ended in a way that almost could be continued. Eugene and Katrina could go back to Africa to see them, or Leonard and Everett could come to America for a holiday. OR Everett could live with Eugene and Katrina for a while. Say Everett gets a disease of some sort and for his best interest Leonard gets him back to Odyssey to live with Eugene and Katrina for a while. It would be so cool to get a side of Everett for a little bit.

I often imagine a sort of spin off series. It would take Jason and have him settle down in a larger city somewhere. He could have all sorts of different adventures with different characters and a city would be a broader setting than Odyssey. And on occasion there could be cameo appearances from some of the AIO characters. Something lie that would be cool.

What are your thoughts? Where do you think the show is headed? What would you like to see happen? Discuss in the comments.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Odyssey’s Love Game

With it being Valentine's Day and all I got to thinking about Odyssey's love affairs.

Relationships seem to keep fans interested in shows. It’s a factor of life that everyone can relate to. And Odyssey has always picked into this and has been able to play with it in many ways. Connie has had her share of love interests, including her latest and greatest and almost getting married. Eugene and Katrina had their complicated love story and are one of the very few marriages that we’ve had in the show with main characters. Jack and Joanne are another fine couple that ended up getting married. Jason on the other hand has crossed paths with several potentials but so far the right gal hasn’t seem to stick. Plus this would have the potential to change Jason which could unsettle many fans. Though the latest love fest that has entered into Odyssey’s latest seasons involves a fan favorite character Wooton Bassett and a newcomer to the show Penny Wise. If you go back a few episodes you’d see that Penny isn’t Wooton’s first love interest on the show, but the other wasn’t a Christian. Penny on the other hand seems to be Wooton’s copy and one could almost go so far to say “soul mate”? But the question is will she stick? Let’s step back and look at Connie for a second. With her being a main character introducing a love interest for her was a fantastic idea. Mitch quickly was taken in by fans everywhere. Compare Mitch to Connie and you’ll see that they have similar interests, and yet they weren’t too similar which made them great for each other. But the overall outcome of their saga? Connie and Mitch didn’t end up staying together. And Mitch hasn’t been heard from since. Which devastated many fans, and many fans hope for his return someday. Now let’s go back to Wooton and Penny. their relationship end up in marriage? Or the better question is; Is the pattern going to allow it? Looking at past relationships and marriages. It would seem that maybe it’s time for a seemingly serious relationship to end up in marriage. Although in album 50 we did see Jack Davis and Lucy get engaged. But we didn’t really see that one grow and get attached to the outcome. But there is one problem with Wooton and Penny. Their almost perfect for each other, but could it be that their too perfect for each other? That realistically speaking this couple wouldn’t really work out? They similarities are endless from the type of soda they like to being naturally goofy. But as of now they seem to have hit it off quite nicely. And we’ve been given a chance to grow attached to Penny and seeing how their relationship is growing if they were to get married we’d be able to see more of Penny in the long term. Logically speaking? Over the years we’ve seen Jason and Tasha who didn’t work out. Then Eugene and Katrina and jack and Joanne who did work out. Then Connie and Mitch who didn’t work out. (Wooton did have a small love episode thing with a Victoria, but it wasn’t really developed with time.) My point is that as fans we’ve been given a figurative “love whiplash” from time to time. There was the whole roller coaster ride with Eugene and Katrina who did end up together and the whole thing with Connie and Mitch... The thing with Wooton and Penny is that it could go either way. But I wonder how fans would react to another “Love let-down” that is seemingly somewhat similar to the way that Mitch entered the scene. Although if they get married it would pose the question how much would Wooton need to change? Would their marriage be a satisfactory one?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the writers go with this; Will this be another “Love let-down” or a “Love Pro”.  

Here's a Valentine's Day wallpaper. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cover and The Labyrinth Part 1!

The Labyrinth Part 1 is now available to download free. I shall wait to review it till later when we have all the parts. Hopefully I can catch up with my reviews soon....Hehehe. Anyway enjoy the new episode and download it here. Above is the final cover for album 55.