Friday, February 17, 2012

Where is Odyssey Taking us?

As AIO continues the ever recurring question is where is it headed? When the show rebooted starting with album 51 it was thought that little would be mentioned of past events and certain past characters. But this changed quickly. Album 51 mentioned Eugene's trying to technologically advance Whit's End, album 52 brought back Harlow, album 53 brought back Monty and Katrina (Thankfully enough. Though that was sure to happen.) and in 55 it brings back Dale and Ann and mentions Jason's fake death. But when it comes to the town of Odyssey itself it's beginning to feel recreated right now. So far we haven't heard from very many of the older buisnesses, but are being introduced to all sorts of newer ones. Like the Art Gallery, and the Music Store, and Sports store. It'd be really nice to hear from some of the old businesses too or at least get a reason for them not being around. For example The Electric Palace and/or The Harlequin Theater could get new management/ownership. Also, bringing back Dern and his radio station could be good too. It took years to establish the Odyssey that we know with the businesses and characters and things. It seems to me that the Leonard Everett story line ended in a way that almost could be continued. Eugene and Katrina could go back to Africa to see them, or Leonard and Everett could come to America for a holiday. OR Everett could live with Eugene and Katrina for a while. Say Everett gets a disease of some sort and for his best interest Leonard gets him back to Odyssey to live with Eugene and Katrina for a while. It would be so cool to get a side of Everett for a little bit.

I often imagine a sort of spin off series. It would take Jason and have him settle down in a larger city somewhere. He could have all sorts of different adventures with different characters and a city would be a broader setting than Odyssey. And on occasion there could be cameo appearances from some of the AIO characters. Something lie that would be cool.

What are your thoughts? Where do you think the show is headed? What would you like to see happen? Discuss in the comments.


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