Saturday, February 25, 2012

Album 55 Summaries!

Hey all gather around. Here are the summaries for the upcoming season.

The Labyrinth, Part 1-3:
Jason's pursuit of Mr. Grote leads him to London, where he finds a plot even more ominous than the Green Ring Conspiracy. Jason must seek the help of some old friends to unravel Mr. Grote's schemes before it's too late.

My thoughts: 
This episode will finally wrap up the loose ends from the Green Ring Conspiracy, and we might finally hear Mr. Grote's voice! The fact that it takes place in London makes it all the better and that fact that its a three parter with Jason in it is even better.

To Mend or Repair:  
To distract her from some devastating personal news, Eugene tries to keep Katrina busy all the time. Meanwhile, Barrett gives Priscilla a special honor -- reading the pledge of allegiance on the morning announcements.

My thoughts:
 The Eugene Katrina storyline sounds really intriguing. What in the world could the devastating news be? That they can't have kids? Is Katrina sick? This is one of the episodes I am anticipating the most. The Barrett Priscilla storyline sounds kinda simplistic but maybe it'll compliment it nicely.

Mistaken For Good:
Jay's visit to a nursing home takes an unexpected turn when an old woman mistakes him for her grandson -- and offers him money as a birthday present.

My Thoughts:
 sounds very interesting. but initially there has to be more to it. I wonder how this one will play out.

Sgt York, Parts 1-4:
Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard tell the story of Sergeant Alvin York, a troublemaker from rural Tennessee who became a World War I hero.

My Thoughts;
The fact that Red is in this one makes me all the more excited. The fact that it's a history episode on a story I don't know very well makes me even more so. Considering it's a four parter it should be really good.

Child's Play:
Eugene and Katrina take on a crazy weekend when they agree to babysitting two kids: one with limitless energy and another who must know the answer to every question.

My Thoughts: 
Sounds like a hilarious episode. Not to mention a look at how the couple could do with kids. 

Something Old, Something New Parts1-2:
Penny brainstorms ways to promote Connie's wedding planning business and one of her schemes dramatically backfires. Meanwhile, Matthew and Emily investigate a woman who may be trying to scam Jacque Henri.

My Thoughts:
I've heard some leaks about this one but won't further those. This episode sounds really interesting, but I'm hoping since it's a two parter there's more to it than the episode where everyone thinks Whit is getting married. I'm pleased that Penny is involved in some way.  I'm glad to see that Jacque Henri will be returning because he adds some diversity to the show. 

What are your thoughts? Be sure to discuss in the comments.


  1. I personally don't like the summaries coming out before the hard copies come out. I want suspense!

    1. That's true. I don't mind the summaries, but when the downloads are available so far ahead of time, it's so easy for leaks to get out... Like I've come across information on accident that I didn't want to know until I heard it...