Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little news

Not much news..but in the Odyssey fan community we have a few things. First off AIO Wiki has recently made its 100,000th edit. Which is an amazing number. That site is the place to find just about anything you want to know about Odyssey and it's edited by fans just like you.

Also Original Joe of Odyssey Way recently made his 100th post. And in honor of that he has made six Odyssey character emoticons. With the first two being Eugene and Connie. My 100th post is coming up as well. Do I have something special in mind? Will it be cool? Only time will tell.

One last piece of news, The Odyssey times has a new feature on their blog. It features song clips from Odyssey episodes such as songs from Odyssey Sings, and The Great Wishy Woz, and The Jubilee Singers. You fans out there can submit suggestions for more additions to the page to make it even better.

Well that's about all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "So long"

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