Friday, December 3, 2010

Little news, but reviews to come

The AIOwiki is hosting contets. One is a logo contest, which is gradually coming to a conclusion. Last month people sent in their entries, and now it's come to the time to vote. (You can do so here.) (My entries are the two shown below.) Odyssey Way's original Joe has a couple entries as well I believe.

               The album 52 season is gradually coming to a close. (My reviews of Square One and A Thankstaking Story should come soon...along with Tomorrow's episode, An Agreeable Nanny.) What do you think of the season thus far?  How does it compare to album 51? Do you like the new characters better now than before? Inquiring minds want to know what you think! So feel free to comment. (Insert nodding smiley here.)      So until next time (which may be tonight with a review or two) this is Freddy Jay typing "so long".                         


  1. I voted for both of your logos! And I like album 52, but I don't think I like the characters anymore or any less.

  2. Thanks for your feedback and the votes Jessa.