Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas was here and now gone.

I had intended to post last week...but with Christmas, last minute wrapping of presents, family visiting, catching up on my sleep, and working in Odyssey Christmas episodes.....That didn't happen. So here's a post to make up for the one I intended to post. (That was sorta rambly...but below is the more important stuff. :] )

Odyssey Connection: It's very easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush. Making a wishlist that is six pages long, running around getting last minute shopping done, and getting the house clean for company always seems to be a natural part of the Christmas spirit right? There's an episode that comes to mind that talks about this very theme (most likely several have similar themes). In the beginning of Peace on Earth,  Tom has to remind Whit what the true reason for the season is. He was so caught up in getting this and that done, that he didn't have the time to enjoy the snowfall. Also in this episode the Barclay parents went all out and got the kids nearly everything they asked for, which was followed by them getting robbed of nearly everything, except their health. This episode reminds me that even though Christmas is a time that I get gifts, it's more fun to give.

Last wednesday, my church did something we called a "cookie ministry". We made up bags of various types of cookies and candies and then delivered them to the community. (We had 136 bags, and around 15 people passing them out.) It was great giving them away for FREE. No catch whatsoever. The recipients of the cookies always had a slightly surprised look on their faces followed by a smile. Even though it was cold when we did this, the smiles warmed me up a little..(Figuratively speaking.)

My point of all this is during the Christmas season and the holiday rush, it's important to remember the real reason for the season. The birth of Jesus in a stable. How he could have been born in a bright shiny palace with servants, in any other place but Bethlehem. He could have been raised as a well known prince. But no. He was born in a stable with stinky filthy animals and placed in a manger (Feeding trough). He was a gift to mankind that in the end was the ultimate gift.

Thanks to those that wished me a Merry Christmas, and I hope your Christmas was a great one as well. Every year my family gets together and we play lots of games, and we always have a ping pong tournament. What did you do for Christmas? What'd you get? Feel free to share in the comments.

That's all for the moment. This is Freddy Jay saying "Merry Christmas."

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