Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Imagination Station Series and More Poetry

 The first two books of the Imagination Station series are available to order, and are for a low price of $4.99 on Brock's blog, The Quest For Truth. These books look really good, and would make great additions as Christmas gifts/ on a Christmas wish list.

Odyssey Connection: A while back, I did an Odyssey connection that had to do with poetry in Odyssey. 
A month or so ago I took one of my poems to a church talent dealy. Here it is below.

He Is There
 (A poem By me )

When you feel alone.
like no one else is there
or when you are angry
and want to rip out your hair
He is there
When you need a friend
someone you can talk to
or when you have a problem
and dont know what to do
He is there
When things have gone wrong
and no one seems to care
or when you walk in and
everyone seems to stare
He is there
When a big strorm is brewing
and things are getting rougher
when everything is piling up
and life is getting tougher
He is there
When you need to make a choice
between wrong and right
or when a big ol bully
is forcing you to fight
He is there.
God is always there
no matter what the need
He is there for you
and he is there for me

Since my other post I found a couple more poems from Odyssey episodes.

Beyond the window (From Lost by a Nose)
I see my face
reflecting in the window as the rain falls.
How many times have I seen that face
staring in the glass?
How many times have I wished that face was not my own?
The rain fades softy away.
A shaft of sun pierces the brooding clouds like a sword.
And a thought pierces me as well.
There is one who knows me deeper than the others.
He knows how I cry inside while I put on a smile for the others.
He knows how I remember mocking words and deeds.
He knows how I dream of countries and castles far away.
He calls me by name and smiles at me.
He reaches out his hand for mine.
He knows me. Because he made me.
And now shows me life beyond the window.
~ Gwen Kablonski

The Dishrag (from Plan B, IV- Resistance)
By Connie Kendall
The dishrag sits on the counter,
Catching no one's eye
The polished bronze a reflection
Clear as the cloudless sky.
The dishrag is tossed,
The laundry is it's fate.

 I must say that  Beyond the Window is one of my favorites among Odyssey poems.
TTFN, Tata for now.

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