Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blackgaard Land

Well the evil Blackgaard has succeeded in his takeover of Campbell County. And has also banned Jason (me). Here's a little recap. After his last take over of Campbell County, he "died" due to some wreath poison. Well we thought he was gone for good, but it turns out he wasn't dead the wreath poison actually mixed with the ruku virus and strengthened him. So he dug himself out of the grave at the cemetery and came back for another takeover. Quoted from chat room:

[08:05:13 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Welcome Citizens

[08:05:27 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : To Blackgaard Land

[08:05:59 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : A place of pain and excitement and death-scovery!

[08:06:52 14/02/10] @ Jason : Blackgaardville? Oh brother

[08:07:08 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Blackgaard LAND!

[08:07:13 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : You bumbler!

[08:07:35 14/02/10] @ Jason : Ok, either way its still Oh Brother

[08:07:44 14/02/10] @ Jason : you stink pot!

[08:08:24 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Honestly Jason...Give up the fight...I've won...Finally...I've won

[08:08:39 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : I've Won...

[08:08:46 14/02/10] @ Jason : Says you,

[08:08:54 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : I'VE WON!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

[08:08:59 14/02/10] @ Jason : Who's gonna listen to you?

[08:09:15 14/02/10] @ Jason : It's much more fun to argue

[08:09:56 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Regis will be gone soon and Nate's out of his mind. Sapphire poses no threat as her takeover was all but successful.

[08:10:36 14/02/10] @ Jason : So? There's still me eugene and the rest of the board!

[08:10:42 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Eugene will be a challenge but he's too wrapped up talking to NPC's to pay attention to me Very Happy

[08:11:39 14/02/10] @ Jason : He wouldn't be too distracted to stop you Blackgaard

[08:11:40 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : A few bans,Threads lockings,and Category disapeerins should make you all go quietly

[08:12:28 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : MUAH HA HQ

[08:12:46 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : And the forum colors are black once again...

[08:12:46 14/02/10] @ Jason : We won't let you get away with this!

[08:13:05 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : I already have

[08:13:32 14/02/10] @ Jason : Maybe, but you always have been foiled and always will be!

[08:13:38 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Look on the Bright Side : Your name stands out more now!

[08:13:48 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : MUAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

[08:18:20 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Jason..You will be the first...

[08:18:39 14/02/10] @ Jason : WHAT?...first for what...?

[08:19:23 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Yours will be a tragic landmark on the road to Blackgaard Land...

[08:19:39 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Too Bad you didnt come quietly...

[08:20:24 14/02/10] Dr Blackgaard : Now you will share the fate Nate has...

For those of you who are completely lost and wondering what in the world I am talking about, We are in the beginnings of a story arc. Which is a fun little adventure-like period where there is an outbreak of Odyssey NPC (Non Player Characters.)interaction that ties in with a story. So right now, Blackgaard Rodney, and probably others sooner or later, are adding to the fun and interacting with the other users.

So thats all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Come join the fun as Blackgaard rules Blackgaard land..."

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