Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whits end site and More Snow???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was mentioned on Odyssey Way awhile back. But I thought I'd mention it too. If you go to the Whits End website, and click on the Cds, DVDs, and more button, you will see this image.

Who is that character? Is it Red? Or is it someone else they haven't mentioned yet? He has red hair and is wearing a purplish outfit.  I think it could be Red, but I can't be sure. (The character's pic is also in my banner.)They added the Parker family and Emily Jones to the character page, but not Red yet.

Odyssey Connection: I think this is all a bad dream. "Go away bad dream BOO!" (from Clara)....didn't work....."maybe if I close my eyes and open them I will wake up."(From run-of the Mill Miracle)....It didn't work either...It's still snowing.....It's been snowing here pretty heavily now for about an hour or two. I think we're supposed to get up to six to eight inches added to what hasn't melted yet..........STOP THE MADNESS.....I WANT SPRING! Sorry I had to get that out of my system. Now where was I.......Oh right, today I listened to the episode Aloha, Oy. Where the Barclays and the Rathbones go to Hawii, and that just made me want spring/summer even more.....

This is Freddy Jay saying..."Hopefully we don't have our sixth snow day tomorrow....."

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