Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well..... I got my request...

I mentioned that I wanted another snow day...well I got it.Then Friday get out at noon and no school Monday... Anyway I didn't have my Odyssey marathon again like I had planned...or at least not all day again like yesterday. Two episodes I did hear are Wooing Wooton and Buddy Guard. Wooing Wooton is interesting to me because Wooton finds his perfect match, but she's not a christian therefore they can't be together.

Also I have decided to end my contest today. I have posted stating what my user name is on Campbell County on Campbell County. Its also now on the side as well. I plan on possibly having more contests that connect to CC.

Campbell County (I may have explained before)is a safe, fun, christian, Odyssey based forum. We discuss many different things there, and its a nice online community. We don't have a whole lot of active members at the moment so I encourage you to at least take a look and see if you like it. You can look around without registering.

Thats all for now, This is Freddy Jay saying, "I've had enough snow days..."


  1. I know your real name, so it isn't a secret!!! I'm gonna tell! Just kidding.

  2. Well "Marvin" don't forget I know your real name as well. Its not necessarily a secret that can't be told, its just one that is fun to keep secret.

  3. I know you know mines. I was kidding, "Jason". But when you tell, I can tell for yo.