Saturday, February 13, 2010


The only news today is that the Odyssey Scoop new look is finished. It looks great! Every section looks different and great. So if you haven't checked it out, you should.

Odyssey Connection: Today I went to get a haircut. There was a really long line. So I started watching the barber cut peoples hair. Then I thought about how it would be odd if everyone was forced to look the same. If everyone was forced to wear the same clothes, shave their heads and eye brows, everyone would look almost identical to his/her neighbor. But, just like Monty learned in the Odyssey episode Ice Fishing. Everyone is unique just like snowflakes. There's not a single one that is exactly the same. Even if we look similar on the outside we are different on the inside. (not sure what was up with the "daydreaming everyone had shaved heads and eye brows...I think I was just really bored.)

After that later in the afternoon, I went to work on a fellow scout's eagle project. We are painting a jail cell. While painting it, (and giving my self a uni-brow/extra sideburns/paint in my hair on accident)I began to think ahead. What do I want to do for my eagle project? Then my mind strayed to Odyssey things.
Like: Will Jason ever be back in Odyssey episodes? Will Connie ever get married or finish her book? Should Eugene and Katrina ever going to have a child on the show? What are your thoughts on these questions?

Well that's about all for tonight. This is Freddy Jay saying "Don't forget to share your thoughts."

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