Monday, February 15, 2010

CC News Update

I've mentioned before that Odyssey characters (NPCs) have been appearing in the chatroom on Campbell County. I posted so far two conversations that I have had with Blackgaard. Well today it seems Marvin (from The AIO Fan's Life) and another user named MAINE had an interesting and somewhat entertaining conversation with Rodney Rathbone. To read the full argument go to The AIO Fan's Life site. So who could pop into the chatroom next? Tasha? Dorris? Wooton? Eugene? Connie? or maybe Bernard? Who will have the next conversation with an AIO character? It could be you! They just kinda randomly appear in the chatroom. (Or have at least lately during the story arc.)

In other news on Campbell County I (Jason) has started a weekly news segment called CC Weekly News. To see my first news segment (did it before I got banned by the evil Dr. Blackgaard...)go here. As you can see a lot is happening at Campbell County.

Thats about all I have for now, This is Freddy Jay saying "Come give Campbell County a visit. you may like what you see."

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