Thursday, February 18, 2010

Odyssey Scoop

Today I was mentioned on Odysssey Scoop. Thanks for mentioning me Jacob. I looked at my map (towards the bottom) and saw that I have had around 31 viewers.

It seems with the new season of Odyssey coming theres been a variety of AIO fan blogs (myself included) showing up. Here are a couple I found today. The Odyssey Owl,and Odyssey Way. It looks like I and Odyssey way started the same day. Odyssey ways logo looks pretty cool too. The odyssey owl looks like it just started today, but it looks like it could have potential. I will add both links to the side.

Odyssey Connection: Today at youth group, we were talking during our meal. Our youth consists of 5 teens, 2 kids ( both under 10). A couple of the other guys were talking about something that wasn't really appropriate for the younger ones to hear, and the Pastor said as much. This made me think of how true this is. Connie learned this too, in It started with a Rabbits Foot. In this episode, Whit tells Lucy about how the story behind the Bible Room. Part of the story includes Connie reading horoscopes to some of the kids. (This is before Connie is a christian.) Whit explains that what we do, and say effects others more than we may realize.

Odyssey Fun Fact:
Wooton has had seven porcupines in his lifetime. Their names were Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jan, Cindy and Alice.

Thats all for today, this is Freddy Jay, saying "I think I want a porcupine now.....or maybe a skunk."

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