Sunday, February 14, 2010


Odyssey Connection: Well a couple weeks ago, in band we had a substitute teacher. Everyone was warming up individually, so I decided to play the Star Spangled Banner. After a few measures a few people stopped playing. I continued not really noticing a change in the noise. Then when I got to the higher, "And the rockets Red glare" part, the room was completely silent, with all eyes on me listening tentatively to my trumpet playing. Once I realized everyone (18 or 19 people in our band) was listening I stopped. They urged me to finish it up, so I did. This moment felt like me fifteen minutes of fame. Like the Alex when he broke the mini golf record and the other guy from Fifteen minutes who had his big break with a TV show that then went down the tubes and was forgotten. I'm not sure if I'd consider this my "fifteen minutes" or not. It was fun though...Maybe next year I'll play the Star Spangled Banner as a solo at a Basketball game...

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