Thursday, February 11, 2010

New theme for Odyssey

So along with the other changes, new character designs, new characters, in the latest podcast on the Whits End Podcast, they revealed that there is a new theme as well. You can hear it in the podcast. I like it, it is a little different than the old one, it sounds bigger, and more adventurous in a way. Also they are putting the podcast new theme to a vote, so don't forget to vote for the one you like.

Odyssey Connection: Well today I was in Spanish class. We had some free time so the student in front of me decided to tell me some jokes. All of them were somewhat lame and the majority were pretty dirty. I didn't laugh at any of them. Someone else told him never to become a comedian. This whole situation reminded me of the episode Issac the Pure, and how his whole quest to be pure began with dirty jokes. I felt like Issac, not wanting to hear these dirty jokes.

I had two snow days this week,(Which from what I heard we are supposed to get more snow this weekend...) get out at noon tomorrow and no school Monday. This calls for continuing my Odyssey marathon YES!

That's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "hopefully it's not snowing tomorrow..."

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