Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CC News

Dr. Blackgaard is back! We need all the help we can get to stop him. Here is a quote from the chat room.

[14:56:45] Dr Blackgaard has joined the chat on Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:56 pm

[14:57:02] Dr Blackgaard : My plan is almost complete

[14:57:08] @ Jason : uh oh....?

[14:57:45] Dr Blackgaard : and nobody can stop me

[14:57:58] @ Jason : We sure can try

[14:58:23] @ Jason : Don't you know that good ALWAYS prevails over evil Blackgaard?

[14:58:24] Dr Blackgaard : I know the plans of your leader

[14:58:56] Dr Blackgaard : and with him out of the way, nothing will stop me

[14:59:37] @ Chocolate : and just what are my plans?

[15:00:21] Dr Blackgaard : Now that would be giving things away

[15:00:27] @ Jason : yeah

[15:00:52] @ Jason : you're not going to gt away with this

[15:00:54] Dr Blackgaard : and I can't have any loose ends lying about

[15:01:03] Dr Blackgaard : oh really?

[15:01:10] Dr Blackgaard : I think I will

[15:01:27] @ Jason : right thats what you THINK!

[15:01:49] Dr Blackgaard : Who is the more clever one here?

[15:02:03] Dr Blackgaard : who faked his death?

[15:02:24] Dr Blackgaard : who almost had eternal life in his grasp

[15:02:27] Dr Blackgaard : ?

[15:03:03] @ Jason : almost is the key word there, it never would've worked

[15:03:40] Dr Blackgaard : If it wasn't for the blasted Whittaker and Eugene, I would have won

[15:04:10] @ Jason : Supposedly

[15:04:37] Dr Blackgaard : In just 5 days this place will be history

[15:04:51] Dr Blackgaard : I am not happy that your leader took my name

[15:05:27] @ Chocolate : It happens to be a free country

[15:06:25] Dr Blackgaard : I wish Glossman was here

[15:06:42] Dr Blackgaard : I would take care of you now if he was

[15:07:03] Dr Blackgaard : but enough of the childish talk

[15:07:08] @ Jason : Glossman? You mean our puppet?

[15:07:16] @ Jason : your

[15:07:31] Dr Blackgaard : you have been warned and I think it is time to get back to my plan

[15:07:59] @ Jason : The one that is going to fail?

[15:08:07] @ Jason : again

[15:08:15] Dr Blackgaard : go ahead and play with the valentine stuff but you have no idea what you are getting yourself into

[15:08:28] Dr Blackgaard : you have already lost one helper

[15:08:32] Dr Blackgaard : I am not blind

[15:08:38] Dr Blackgaard : I saw it

[15:08:40] Dr Blackgaard is Disconnected on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:08 pm

He's up to something and we really need more members to help stop him.So if you haven't checked it out already, the link is on the side

In other news, I think I will end my contest Thursday. So if you have a guess on who I am on Campbell County, don't forget to email your guess.

Thats all for now, This is Freddy Jay saying "We need your help."

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