Thursday, February 4, 2010

New episode summaries

Hey I was browsing Odyssey Scoop and noticed that summaries for the first four episodes of the new season have been released.Here is what was posted.

The Inspiration Station I
Theme: Inspiration

Summary: Connie loves spending time in Whit’s newest invention, the Inspiration Station. But when a glitch shuts down the machine, her obsession may go too far. Meanwhile, Eugene traces the source of the malfunction to Matthew Parker, who apparently has been "fixing" everyone’s electronics, with disastrous results.

The Inspiration Station II
Theme: Inspiration

Summary: Whit is concerned about the Inspiration Station’s strange effects on Connie, but hopes the invention could be just the thing to inspire young Matthew Parker.

Theme: Storing up treasures in heaven

Summary: After nearly being mauled by the junk in his own garage, David Parker declares that his family is going to have a yard sale. Will the entire Parker family survive parting with their treasures?

Game for a Mystery
Theme: Putting off important things

Summary: Simon Jones just wants the hedge trimmed, but his son Barrett can’t tear himself away from his portable video game – until it disappears without a trace! Emily, along with trusty sidekick Matthew, takes this as a case for the newly‑formed "Jones & Parker Detective Agency.

I like how they are going to start the new season with a two part episode. I was also pleased to see that there is a three part episode in this season as well. and that is how they are going to end the season.

The time till the new season airs is getting closer and closer. Feel free to leave any thoughts of what you think future episodes should contain.

Odyssey connection of the day: This semester in P.E. our teacher decided that we needed to work harder to get a good grade. Therefore he decided to make us walk a mile on Tuesdays and run the mile on Thursdays (also have to lift weights before we do the mile.) Anyway while I was jogging the mile my legs began to get sore, my ribs felt like they were trying to break out, sweat was dripping off my hair. Then I just couldn't jog anymore. I slowed down to a walk for a lap. Then I thought of snow day. How Alex persevered to the finish to get the cookies to Grandmas house. I sped back up for the final two laps and finished. Felt like I was going to hyperventilate...but I beat my past times and managed to finish the mile in 9min and 14 sec.

Well I think thats all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying I need to get in shape...

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  1. This is Audrey with AIO insanity. I would just like to say that when I post later tonight, I will try to mention your blog. Hopefully I'll remember!