Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I added some gadgets to the side. The visitor counter,Odyssey poll,Joke of the week top 10!, and the visitor map, . More may come. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them. Tell me what you think of my new stuff.

Odyssey Connection: After school today I had to go with my mom to take my cat to the vet. He really doesn't like car rides, because usually the only time he enters the car or box, is when he's going to the vet. Also he shakes when he;s in the car, I think its instinct, like he knows that something is going to happen that he won't like. Speaking of cats and instincts, reminds of the Odyssey episode, The Day After Christmas. There's that lady that has like 300 cats! (Well more like seven, or eight.) She makes the comment that cats know when something is going to cause pain, and that it took a lot for one of her cats not to run away or attack her. This isn't the only episode that mentions cats. Other cats mentioned in Odyssey that come to mind are Boswell,(the cat that Robyn baby sat.)and Furguson (the cat that was Karen's and then she gave him to Donna.). There may be others, but those are ones I thought of right away.

That's all for today, This is Freddy Jay saying "Oh...I just remembered, dentist appointment tomorrow..."


  1. I thought Robin babysat the cat.

  2. She did, I'll fix it. Thank you fr catching my mistake.