Friday, February 5, 2010

My email etc.

I received my first comment today. So now I know I have at least one reader..Marvin (also the AIO fan's life author) commented that I should add my email. Thanks for the suggestion Marvin. It is now available on the side. so if you have any suggestions for my blog you can email me, or comment here if you prefer.

Also Campbell County got a new job system which included a money reset...So if you haven't joined already now would be as great a time as any. (Because the money is pretty much even right now....) I don't think I've explained in detail what Campbell County is. It is an Odyssey based christian forum. We have all sorts of topics to discuss and comment on. Like Bigfoot, the new Odyssey season, movies, and we have some forum games as well. (At the moment it tends to be a little slow..) So anyone interested would be a great addition.

Odyssey Connections of the day: So first off, today in Sociology/U.S. History, we had a substitute. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, but I began day dreaming on how a class would be like if Wooton became a substitute teacher. That would be so cool.

Also its been snowing pretty much ALL day today...kinda makes me think of the episode Snow day, (again) and Alex's snow song.

Well I think that just about wraps things up for now. So this is Freddy Jay saying when is Spring going to come?

If you have any thoughts on how Wooton would be as a substitute teacher, or anything else, feel free to comment.

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