Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Album 51 Audio previews

At the Odyssey Scoop today the news is an audio preview of album 51. Doesn't say much, but just enough to really get you excited to hear the new episodes. Also has a Inspiration Station preview from AIOwiki in that post as well.

Also I found out on AIO Wiki that they revamped the cover for Album three  and is coming out possibly sometime this month. So that means albums 1-15 are going from their "golden audio series look" to the "like the others" look. 1-50 will look similar, and then 51 on will have the new logo.

Odyssey Connection:
The other day someone in sociology mentioned that in the future instead of schools,

 they might come up with a faster way. He said it would be awesome if in the future all we had to do was put a chip in a device and then push download, and it would just transfer into our heads that way. To me this sounds like it'd give technology to much power, and take away jobs from people, AND open the door for an actual "Nova-box"-like-mind control takeover. In my opinion this is a bad idea all the way around.    Then again  this device sounds even more like the nova box. It could be finished between 5-10 years. But then again it might just be my imagination after hearing the Novacom saga. So judge for yourself.

That's all for now, this is Freddy Jay saying "Who knows what the future may bring...?"

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