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Something Old, Something New, Part 1 Review

Something Old, Something New, Part 1

This episode was one of those where I heard rumors about it, so therefore I wasn't looking forward to it... For one I heard that it was going to be a J&P Detective Agency episode, and for two I heard that Mitch was coming back. 
This episode opens with Connie complaining that Dreams by Constance doesn't get much business anymore. It's great hearing that she still has this business. It played a small part in the Mystery of the Clock Tower too. Penny being Penny offers to help Connie advertise.
It occurred to me that this would make sense. Why hadn't Penny offered to help before now? Matthew and Emily come in complaining that they haven't had a mystery in a while. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. The detective agency idea isn't a bad one to say the least, but the episode plots themselves have been on the weaker side. 
I'm always glad to hear from Henri. His character provides another unique personality to the show, and it's much like the style of Holstein. 
Emily and Matthew (E&M) post a desperate attempt at advertising, onto the bulletin board at Finneman's Market. A name that we haven't heard in sometime. It's great that they are mentioning some of the old places. It feels like they are reestablishing the town's buisinesses. For long term listener it provides relief to know that it's still there. And to new listeners it's simply a new place. The mysterious woman in the alley makes E&M suspicious. Pretty much the fact that she was stuffing her hair into a handbag. For them to start following a woman and listening to a phone conversation is pretty risky. But naturally Emily would want to investigate the case.
Penny convinces Connie that the best way to advertise would be to take wedding pictures for a brochure. The conversation of who should be the groom is funny, and ultimately it leads to Wooton walking in the room and being coursed into it. 
E&M observe mystery woman and "cute guy" pull up in front of the apartment complex in a truck loaded with stuff. Matthew seems to be the one with a level head. I mean it doesn't sound all that suspicious. The conversation may have but that's about it.
Connie and Wooton have their picture taken together. And Penny questions why Connie had a wedding dress. She explains that she almost got married (to Mitch) and then they called it off. At first I found it funny that she would still have the dress. Would she really want to wear a dress that could remind her of her former fiance, to her wedding if she ever got married to someone else? But actually it occurred to me that those things are expensive. And she did like it after all, why wouldn't she save it just in case she did ever get married?
Penny and Connie prepare the Dreams by Constance brochure, but then her computer goes hay-wire. A virus sent the wedding photo via email to all her contacts and then deleted everything.To me this sounds awfully planned.... I mean it's all set up to get a comedic feel. So while it's entertaining, it's somewhat forced too...
I found it funny that they would mention that George Barclay called suggesting counseling. As far as I can remember, George hasn't really had any contact with Wooton, so why would he comment one way or another? While, it was nice hearing him mentioned, it seemed out of place. 
At their apartment, Penny is having to deal with phone calls and the door. It's quick, but Penny has a brief conversation with Connie's dad saying that Connie's not around.
Candid Conversations with Connie always seems to be used when there needs to be an announcement made. This episode is no exception. Connie is reminded about her show, and has Wooton do it with her to announce that the invitation was just a fluke. In this case, they also use CC with Connie to add a monkey wrench to the episode. One of the callers ends up being Mitch, and he tells her that he's getting married too.
Having Mitch get married is a brilliant idea. It brings closure to the fans that Mitch and Connie will not happen. 

Theme: Regrets ---3/5
Humor: 4/5
Quotes: 3.5/5 -- 
Standout Quote(s): 
Penny Wise: Connie stop grimacing. Think of happy things.
Connie Kendall: Oh ok. Hot fudge sundaes. Playdough 
 Penny Wise: What else?
Connie Kendall: Discount coupons. Magazines.
Penny Wise: Good.
Connie Kendall: Moose.
Wooton Bassett: Hair, chocolate, or Alaskan?
Connie Kendall: Hair.
Wooton Bassett: Oh we could never be.
Interest level: 3/5
  "Like" rating: 2/5
Part Rating: 3/5

What did you think of this episode? Happy to see Mitch return? Be sure to let me know in the comments.
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