Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Head to Head: Bernard Walton Vs.Red & Kramer

 Atttteeeeention OOOOOOoooodyssssssey Fans! It's time for HEAD 2 HEAD! In todays segment we're going to pit two of Odyssey's beloved characters against each other. Wait what's that? We're pitting two against one? It seems we have a change of plans folks. Today is a special Head 2 Head. So fasten your seat belts and lean in. In this corner we have Bernard Walton (BW), and in this corner we have  Red Hollard and Mrs. Kramer (RK) Who will come out on top?

 BW: Bernard has his own business as a janitor for the fair citizens of Odyssey. Businesses especially love Bernard's skill at window washing as it saves time, and Bernard's low prices can't be beat. Bernard is also the host for a local TV show called B-TV.

RK: Red is a handyman and skilled with a hammer and a saw. Mrs. Kramer works for the Library and busies herself with all the available clubs in the community.

It was a close call. All three do work for the community. Being a janitor isn't the most glamorous job though, but his work on B-TV is outstanding. At the same time, Red has fix-it skills to fix just about anything that could break. And Mrs. Kramer spends a lot of time serving the community

RK: Red has a peppy personality, and loves to help others. You could also say he's boarder line redneck. Mrs. Kramer has a more sour attitude towards the world. She's grumpy, cynical, and easily annoyed. She wrote a list of 100 things she hates.

BW: Bernard is somewhat  cynical, and grumpy. He was Odyssey's curmudgeon character, but also saw the brighter side of things on occassion. 

Winner: Tie
This one was too close to call. Mrs. Kramer is very curmudgeon like Bernard, maybe even a little more grumpy. Red shares Bernard's willing attitude, and wanting to show Jesus to others. So each get a point.

Running Score: [ RK-2 BW-1]

 Mrs. Kramer: A hundred things I hate; by Mrs. Kramer. Mosquitoes. Poems that don't rhyme. Flimsy supermarket lettuce. My far-sighted dentist. My near-sighted hair dresser. Cats. Valentines gifts with no candy. Children laughing.
Priscilla Peterson: There are a hundred of these?
Mrs. Kramer: Vacuuming. Channel five weather man--you know, the one with the big teeth.
Connie Kendall: Yeah, I think it's time to go.
Mrs. Kramer: People who leave in the middle of poetry readings. Love songs. Democracy. -To Mend or Repair
Red Hollard: I'm serious as a porcupine in a balloon factory! - Forgiving...More or Less

Bernard Walton: Well, stuff me with feathers and call me a pillow! -The Time has Come
Bernard Walton: Just cleanin' a few of these second story windows. What does she think I'm doin' up here on a ladder? Knitten' a sweater? -Bad Luck
Artie Powell: He believed her?
Bernard Walton: Yeah, lock stock and barrel, and it made him furious. Which is never a good state for an executioner to be in. - Bernard and Joseph, Part 1

 Winner: BW
Red's phrases always crack me up, and Mrs. Kramer has her moments of hilarity, but Bernard's perspective on things always tickles my fancy.

Running Score: [ RK-2 BW-2]
BW: When Bernard isn't washing windows or hosting B-TV he can sometimes be seen telling stories to children, usually bible stories or ones from his childhood. These have included Joseph and the Coat of Many colors, Esther, Jacob and Esau, and a couple others. 

RK: When not working behind a saw or hammer, Red has been seen telling stories as well, sometimes on kids radio, sometimes behind a camera. He has a passion for others, and a passion for history too. Mrs. Kramer makes a habit of getting involved in all the communities' activities in an effort to be the town's eyes and ears on every situation. She also volunteers at the nursing home.

Winner: BW
Bernard's heart is genuine when it comes to his stories and even though he often has a negative attitude, he relates to the kids. Red's figures of speech, although hilarious can sometimes confuse the peron he's talking to, and Mrs. Kramer well she's more into making sure she knows everything that goes on in the town than actually helping the town.

Running Score:[RK-2 BW-3]

Best episode:
RK: Mrs. Kramer has been in three episodes and Red has been in ten. Mrs. Kramer's best episode so far would have to be To Mend or Repair, and Red's best episode would have to be Sergeant York.

BW: Bernard has been 87 episodes total. This includes 7 two part episodes and 3 three part episodes. Highlights could include his journey to California with Eugene and his story in I Slap Floor.

Winner: BW
While Red and Mrs. Kramer are in some strong episodes since the relaunch, Bernard has a slight advantage over them in this category. He's had longer on the show and has been in a large number of great episodes. 

And that brings us to the overall winner. 
The winner with a final score of [ RK-2 BW-4] Our winner is [Bernard Walton!!!!! 
While Mrs. Kramer and Red seem to almost split Bernard's role and personality, Bernard pulls ahead in the score.]

What are your thoughts? Do you like Mrs. Kramer and her hate for children laughing? Do you dislike Bernard? What are your thoughts on Red Hollard? Disagree with my comparison? You know the drill. Comment.

This has been Freddy Jay, with Campbell County Connection, connecting the gap between Odyssey an YOU!


  1. I like Bernard. No question. I would send AIO a personal letter of thanks if they brought him back (maybe).

    1. Maybe?! I totally would!

    2. I really think they're doing a good job at filling the character slots that have been needed to be filled. I'm looking forward to further development of Mrs. Kramer and Red.

      However, there is a small part of me still hoping for Bernard to come back to the show, even though it's somewhat unlikely.. :(

  2. NO CONTEST! Bernard's one of the best characters in Odyssey! They should totally record in Florida so Dave Madden can record again...even though I'm beginning to love Mrs. Kramer (Red's a little too confusing and borderline-rednecky for me).

    1. Thanks for commenting. Red and Mrs. Kramer are growing on me too. I really like his sense of humor, and he thinks outside the box in his own borderline-rednecky way. I'm looking forward to further development of them both.

  3. Here are my opinions, so please nobody get mad with me and disown me from the Adventures in Odyssey fan world.

    Bernard is an amazing character. One of my favorites. He can never EVER be replaced no matter what, and I would love to have him come back. However, Red Hollard and Mrs. Kramer are both hilarious. I love Mrs. Kramer's dry humor. I love stuff like that, especially her chemistry with Wooton. Red is very funny, mainly BECAUSE of the border-line redneckness. I don't want that to stop. I loved his interactions with David Parker. All in all, they're who we have, and we can't change it, so make the most of it. After all, it still is Odyssey.

    (FreddyJay, when will your next post be out?)