Thursday, August 2, 2012

I've Returned! I Hope.

Hey guys, I'm back. I'm not sure, but I hope to do at least one post a week. I also intend to get more reviews up.  For now, there are a few pieces of news that I'm really excited about.

Album 56 is now available to download from cbd. Buy it and listen NOW!

So now we know all the titles, along with the album description which is;
 It seems like everyone in Odyssey is looking for something. As Emily pursues her hopes and dreams, she journeys in the Imagination Station to see Whit as a young boy. Penny goes hunting for happiness but her search makes her miserable. And Jay must figure out a strange program in the Room of Consequence that could lead to an unwanted ending. Through his invention and wise counsel, Whit guides the folks in Odyssey along the right path.

This album also features Kids Radio, an Inspiration Station adventure, the Odyssey Owls basketball team, Jason Whittaker's return to Odyssey, and an episode on tithing.

Also from the download page, you can hear a 30 second preview of the episode.

Here are the titles and what i think the episode could be based off the title. I'll do another post later basing my predictions on the previews.

The Perfect Church, Parts 1-2
 Odyssey first church developes a new strategy and focuses on becoming the "perfect church". But are they taking the wrong approach? Encouraging perfect attendance and perfect behavior. But the thing that is missing is keeping God in the church and not focusing on perfection.

Great Expectations:
Matthew Parker is told over and over that one day he will be great and do amazing things. But he's tired of hearing what he's going to do and wants to see it now. Mr. Whittaker throws together a room of consequence program for him that turns out to be more than Matthew wanted.

For Three Dollars More:
Olivia Parker starts making money by selling her new hobby: Bracelets. The problem is with this new flow of money she must decide to become a good steward of her money. Which she soon finds out that this should also mean giving some to the church too.

 The Bible Network:
Mr. Whittaker finds a new way to teach the kids about the Bible, he calls it; the Bible Network. This new invention presents a verse with a bolded word. The bolded word is a key word of a new verse and one they click on the bolded word it takes them to the new verse. The kids really enjoy this new method of learning, but when it disappears, fingers point in every direction to figure out  what happened to the Bible Network.

Happy Hunting:
I actually listened to this one already due to the free episode give away. So no pre-thoughts on this one. But if you want to listen to this one now, you can here.

The Holy Hoopster:
The Odyssey Owls are back in season, and the new assistant coach wants to bring prayer to the locker rooms before the games. The head coach, Chan Fang has a slight problem with the clash in beliefs who will win out?

The Lost Ridde:
Eugene and Katrina are watching Kyle and Joy again. This time, Kyle explores the attic with Eugene and they find a secret  message on a piece of paper that was hidden in one of the loose floor boards. They struggle to find out it's meaning.

Groundhog Jay:
On groundhog Day, Jay is determined to find a groundhog to see if they really do determine whether winter stays or goes. Meanwhile, Olivia has gotten into the habbit of saying good luck! Both learn that God is in control not Earthly things.

Home Again, Parts 1-2:
Jason is back in the Odyssey area, but he doesn't make his presence known to all the citizens of his town. He tries to  get back into the routine, but under a different name. Someone recognizes him, and he makes the paper. What will Jason be forced to do?

Note the descriptions are just my imagination at work, however the titles are real. I'm looking forward to this season as I have been so far, What are your thoughts on the upcoming titles? Feel free to comment.

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  1. It's good to have you back, FreddyJay. I'm looking forward to you posting more frequently.