Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something Old, Someting New, Part 2, Review

Something Old, Something New, Part 2
 Having Mitch come back in the episode feels forced. The opening scene of this part is understadable. It shows us Connie's feelings and makes us wonder if she regrets calling it off with Mitch. Mitch's match is Maureen. 
Now we find out that "CG" is really Mitch. But at this point we don't know the connection between Mitch and the MW (Mystery Woman). The whole thing feels out of the box to me, and hard to completely follow... 
Eugene bumps into Mitch and Maureen. Penny's comment "I'm having trouble with these plot twists" is completely accurate, and ironic that she'd say that. 
Penny, E&M explain the whole peculiar situation to Wooton. That Maureen came into the art gallery the other day wearing a blonde wig and posing as someone named Jessica Brown.
They use the back stairs from the kitchen into the office upstairs. Eugene thinks reasonably and does a record search for Jessica Brown and Maureen. He finds what they suspected and see that she is a criminal.
This didn't make sense to me at all. Why would Mitch be ok with marrying a criminal?
Connie confronts Mitch with what they found out and he explains everything. The fact that Maureen is an agent too explains the whole thing.
The final scene between Connie and Whit wraps the theme together. It makes the episode a little better by letting us see some of what Connie's been thinking.
But it felt like the whole thing was forced... It wasn't the best of mysteries, like the rest of the J&P mysteries. It just doesn't make for a very good episode to me...While funny, it didn't really meet my expectations. The whole point of this episode was to say that Mitch won't be marrying Connie and that's the final word. That's probably the best thing about this episode... The final words of the episode are funny to me. Connie gets yellow tulips from Mitch, (she got yellow tulips from him before) and Penny asks what they mean. Connie says they mean goodbye. This is funny because it's one of the ways the writers are saying Mitch isn't going to be back ever again after this episode.
Theme-Regrets-  3/5
Humor: 3/5
  Quotes: 2.5/5 --
Standout Quote(s): 
Interest level: 2/5
  "Like" rating: 2/5
1st Part: 3/5 
Final Rating: 2.5/5
 And thus concludes album 55! What did you think of this episode? Of the album as a whole? A strong or weak album? Favorite or least favorite episode? I'd love to pick your brain and the only way for me to do that is for you to comment.
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