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Child's Play Review

Child's Play 
Eugene has been around kids on AIO for as long as he has been on the show. And now that he's received news that they can't have kids, he doubts whether kids really like him or not. At first this seemed silly to me, but on the other hand, sometimes thoughts and circumstances have their way of ganging up on us. In the opening scene it kind of felt like Eugene was being really hard on himself. I think a lot of his thinking is coming from the fact that he can't have children and is trying to peg a reason for it.
In the next scene Katrina mentions to Eugene that she has agreed to watch two kids over the weekend. This episode presents us the situation many fans have longed for;
Kids in the Meltsner household. And in some fans hearts they want the Meltsners to adopt Kyle and Joy, even though they aren't up for grabs.
In one scene we see Eugene playing baseball with Kyle. Even though Eugene isn't the strongest in baseball, he is willing to entertain Kyle with something he likes.
I really like Joy's imagination. She sounds really cute and adds a fun side of things. She has so many questions, and Katrina handles her well. Joy and Kyle are character's I hope to see more of.
I like that they take the kids to Whits End. They got to explore an use their energy on things there.
The touching parts of this episode is when Eugene and Katrina each make Kyle and Joy's day. Eugene comforts Kyle by singing when Kyle doesn't feel good. And Katrina makes Joy feel better about all the questions she asks. K tells Joy that someday she could change the world. Both Meltsners make a long lasting impact on these kids, and while they can't have kids of their own they love on other kids as if they were their own. And that aspect of this episode makes this one a strong one.

Theme:Being Used by God 4/5
Humor: 5/5
  Quotes: 4/5 --
Standout Quote(s): 
Joy: Can we put pickles in the cookies?
Katrina: Pickles?
Joy: I like pickles! I like cookies! Why don't we make pickle cookies?!

Eugene Meltsner: Alright I'm back.
Kyle: You were gone a long time.
Eugene Meltsner: Well getting your ball proved to be quite the adventure, involving a ladder and a particularly annoyed black bird.
Interest level: 4.5/5
  "Like" rating: 4/5
Final Rating: 4.5/5

Did you like this episode? What did you think of Joy and Kyle? Would you like to see them in future episode? Do you think they'll ever be heard from again? Comment and speculate. 
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