Thursday, August 9, 2012

Childish Things Review

Childish Things
This episode opens with Penny worrying about how she can trust people. In an effort to find a sure fire method to figuring out who she can trust she turns to body language. After a few minutes the listener is found laughing with Penny as she tries to figure this out. This episode also strengthens the relationship going between Penny and Wooton. The happenings at the restaurant make the listener wonder if Penny knows that Wooton likes her. Penny on the other hand hasn't really suggested that she has further feelings for him than just friends. This episode takes a humorous approach to the theme Putting Away Childish Things. Penny automatically makes judgments against Henri due to his body language. at first the notion of this episode was kind of hard for me to grasp. Why would Penny be so easily persuaded to try this method because of a book. But after listening a couple more times, it kind of grew on me. It really is a pretty funny episode, and overall it's not bad.

Odyssey Connection: This episode although handled in a comical way, goes pretty deep. It's presents the idea that at some point in our lives, we need to set aside our childish ways and start thinking in a different manner. I know as I grow older, I'm working on adjusting and seeing things in new ways and not in the ways I used to. In some ways it's really easy to feel like Penny. We want to give people the benefit of the doubt, and it's easy enough to to try trust everyone. But at the same time, we need to obtain the judgement of who to trust and how to know who to trust like Penny learned in this episode.

Theme: Putting Away Childish Things 4/5
Humor: 5/5
  Quotes: 5/5 --
Standout Quote(s):

Connie Kendall: So what are you gonna do with all these confused feelings while Penny figures things out?
Wooton Bassett: I'm gonna wait and silence my body language.
Connie Kendall: How are you gonna do that?
Wooton Bassett: Oh I'm thinking about wearing a space suit whenever I'm around her.

Interest level: 3.5/5
"Like" rating: 4/5
Average Rating: 4/5
And that's Childish Things, and the last of album 54. (Album 55 episodes coming soon.) What did you think of this episode or this album as a whole? Comment and tell me about it.
This has been Freddy Jay, connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!

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  1. Good review, FreddyJay! The scene of Wooton and Penny at Hal's Diner was hilarious, as was the line, "The special today is vegetarian pot roast." Also, though that video is good, why are Doctor Blackgaard and Jason penguins?

  2. My GIF. Somethings just can't be explained except; Call it a random burst of inspiration. X)