Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exploration Station: More Blogs

Here are a few more blogs for your consideration. They are worth checking out.

I've hit on some of the others, but here are some podcasts to check out.

The Boredom Buster Podcast
Abbie and Mandy's AIO Podcast
World Famous Odyssey Podcast

I haven't had the chance to listen to their podcasts, however I've heard great things about them and they are worth checking out.

The Agent's Blog:
Some of you may remember a blog run by Agent 3XQ. After almost a year of silence, it seems he's made a return. Still as looney as ever. He's the one that claims I have a plot to take over the world with a herd of flying mutant ninja squirrels and a pack of walking twinkies. If you'd like to check him out, Go here, but be warned he has some pretty wild stuff.

This has been Freddy Jay in the Exploration Station, connecting the gap between Odyssey and YOU!


  1. Really?! Agent 3XQ is back. Nu-uh. I can't believe this. I don't believe it. :P

  2. Yeah, the question is how long will he stick around... Although it is pretty amusing. Walking twinkies. Hahahaha