Monday, May 2, 2011

News and change of plans...

Alrighty, to start with there is a video on face book that contains sketches of 5 cover repacks.
Below are screen shots, but you can check out the video here.

I'm oober excited to see these, and especially the one with Rodney falling through the skylight because we get to see Gary's version of Jack. Also in that one and 29 we get to see more pics of Jason! Yes! Also be sure to like this video if you have a facebook because brock said. "We need 100 people to like this and I'll post all of the sketches and artwork for the 5 revealed covers!"And right now it's at 31...

Also, I saw this on aiowiki yesterday, but can't seem to pull anything up there right now...
 "There was originally supposed to be no mention of the events of 53 in this album, but as of April 25, 2011, there was a last-minute change and now three new episodes will be recorded in May that will pick up where Album 53 left off. "
Which is really interesting news, can't wait to hear that album.

I think I have decided to change the comparison dealy a little bit. Seeing how I am so far behind I may do one big post and break down both albums into different categories and then an over all winner. It's harder and sorta time consuming the way I was doing it..... Anyway, I hope to do that soon as well as a separate review of 53 as a whole.
That's all I got for now. What'd ya think of the latest spin on the GRC? When I first heard it I gasped in disbelief and then did a dance of joy.  Such an epic episode! It's so good to hear him back. But time will only tell how things will play out.
This is Freddy Jay, Over and out.

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