Friday, November 12, 2010

Opposite Day Review

Here is my thoughts on last weeks episode Opposite Day.

This album has a plethora of recurring characters from album 51. The kids especially. Barrett, Priscilla, Olivia, as well as some new characters such as Amber. The Olivia/Amber story line quickly lost my interest. Nothing specific, but it seemed......ugh.Not sure why. The Barrett/club kid-chat storyline grabbed my attention though.   I originally had mixed feelings about this episode before I heard it. This brings social networking into Odyssey. It sort of seems out of place to me. Then again, Odyssey in general is beginning to get "up with the time". In album 51 they mentioned all sorts of gadgets like dvr, gps, and verminoids which connects through wifi. It seems odd, but I guess it makes sense. With scoial networking on the rise, and it seems like kids are getting a facebook at younger and younger ages.....After hearing it I like the way they aproached this part of the episode.

Theme: 4/5
Humor: 3/5
Music: 4/5
Interest Level: 3/5
"Like" rating: 3/5

Total average rating : 3.5/5

Tomorrow, The Owlnapping airs. I may be able to get my review out sooner than the rest have been...

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