Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Season Overlook

Here's a look back at the spring and fall seasons of 2010 of Adventures in Odyssey.

Album 51: After listening to them again since my reviews, I realized I was a little generous to some of these episodes (including Game for A Mystery). This album is an introduction to the Parker family, so we're still getting used to them, but the Jones and Parker Mysteries never really grew on me. The opener, The Inspiration Station was ok, but a little weak for a season opener. The finale The Jubilee Singers was my favorite of this album.

Album 52: The season opener for the fall season, The Mystery of the Clock Tower, was good and it's one of my favorites in this album. I also liked A Thankstaking Story. The two Jones and Parker mysteries in this album rank with Game For A mystery. They aren't necessarily horrible, but not to my liking. I imagine to the target age group they aren't as bad. But that's one thing I've always liked about Odyssey, even though the target age group is 8-12, the episodes are usually enjoyable for any age.

My Top 5 Favorite episodes of 2010

5.  Fast As I Can
4. Target of the Week
3. Mystery of the Clock Tower I, and II
2. Jubilee Singers I, II, and III
1. A Thankstaking Story

My 5 Least favorites

5. Wooton's Broken Pencil Show
4. For the Birds
3. The Milkball Falcon
2. Game For a Mystery
1. Stage Fright

And that wraps up the season for now. After reading and seeing different things on album 53, I really am looking forward to it. I think 53 will get us passed getting to know the new characters and more into the stories. I'm not looking forward to the Jones and Parker agency that seems to play a somewhat huge role, but maybe I'll be surprised.

And that's all for now. This is Freddy Jay saying "Green Ring Conspiracy get here soon!"

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