Saturday, January 1, 2011

Grandma's Christmas Visit Review

The newest season Cause and Effect comes to a close with this last episode Grandma's Christmas Visit. Here's my review.

The first thing that caught my eye was the title. It's interesting to note that in album 51 there was an episode called Grandma's Visit. So maybe their doing something similar to what they did with Issac? (Issac the Pure, Issac the Chivalrous, etc.) Does this mean there could be a Grandma's Weekend Visit? Or Grandma's Chaotic Visit? Hmmmm...

I was surprised to see Abuelita back so soon. And at first I wasn't wanting her back so soon. I thought maybe she'd be a character that was used sparingly, or a one time usage like the Barclay Grandparents. But her character is an interesting sort, and I'm getting to like her more and more. The idea of making Whits End traditional and home-like for the holidays is genius. Grandmas touch to the event was nice. It sorta introduced a different culture's tradition into the show. An interesting concept.

And this episode brings back kids radio again. I think we heard kids radio in album 51 as well. I'm glad they haven't abandoned that. The line "She seems to create chaos wherever she goes" fits grandma very well from what we've seen of her so far. The Las Posadas was a nice touch. The kids lines during the Las Posadas were very funny. Along with Connies lines about the donkey and well any line with Connie yelling makes me chuckle. I think mainly because of the part in Call me if you care, where she yells for Cindy.

The gingerbread house part made me hungry...Which probably has to do with the fact that I'm writing this on a hungry stomach......The hidden gifts in the gingerbred house is a neat idea. Along with the Let's make a white elephant deal gameshow. The fact that priceless heirlooms were hidden in worthless junk as a lesson from Whit was cool. I was wondering when we'd hear a deep felt hidden meaning to something plain.

Theme: 5/5 The theme was the true meaning of Christmas. Which is one of the most important lessons. Definitely a great way to show this theme.

Humor: 4.5/5 This episode had me chuckling a good portion of the way through it. It was pretty funny, but not too out of hand.

Music: 4/5

Interest Level: 5/5

"Like" rating: 4/5  Great episode. possibly one of the bests of this year.
Final Rating:  4.5/5

Well this is the last episode of the season. Now we just have to wait for album 53. 

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