Monday, March 14, 2011

Head to Head: 53 vs 25 Part 1

I realize I've gotten behind on the news lately... With being so busy I haven't been able to post. And I'll get back with latest news as it comes. Don't forget to listen to Part 1 of the Green Ring Conspiracy. Since Album 53 is a continuous story line like 25, I thought I'd do something interesting and do a head to head type of thingy/review, Each Saturday.

Album 25 Opener:
A Little Credit Please:

Although this isn't exactly part of the dbd saga, it's still part of the Album.
Connie receives a credit card and that in itself has a predictable
story line to it. This episodes counter story lines includes Simon a
one time character. Both story lines have a common theme of
responsibility. Eugene is in the process of handling Katrina's
departure. Connie begins spending on her credit card like crazy. Then
later realizes her bill will catch up to her. Simon , Bernard's
apprentice, really wants to use the power sprayer but Bernard feels
Simon needs more experience before given more responsibility. Connie
and Eugene have a heart to heart conversation about Katrina. Eugene
then decides to grow a mustache. Even though Bernard insists that
Simon not use the power sprayer, Simon decides to try it anyway
without Bernard's approval. And learns that Bernard was right in not
letting him right away. Connie ends up going over her credit limit, and learns the importance of responsibility.

     Album 53 Opener:
GRC, Part 1:

This episode has an interesting feel to it's beginning. The fact or urban legend game that Matthew attempts to play with Emily is a great way to start out the whole mess to come. The fact that a duck's quack does echo is very interesting and has been debated. (Also, a ducks quack does indeed echo. Snopes and mythbusters proves it.) Although Emily's slightly rudeness toward Matthew seems a little harsh, it's understandable considering she doesn't like being left out of the Square One Club. I like that they kept the Tinkerers group, and that they gave it such a fitting name. Jay's entrance saves this scene immensely. His style is funny in a Rodney Rathbone sort of way, yet he has his own uniqueness to it. The mention of a plane crash is perfect for this type of sequence, not only that. But a backpack full of money too? It seemed kinda odd to me that Emily would shout "It's full of money!" in the middle of the woods. Connie's going to college for art classes seems very fitting. And it connects with her Dreams by Constance endeavor. With the plane crash, someone saying Whit's name just adds to the intrigue. Who would say him by name? My first thought was Jason, or maybe Richard Maxwell, or maybe even Mitch... My favorite quote from this episode is "Loudly exclaimed euphemisms escape me!" I most certainly will use that phrase sometime. The little section with Dirk on the phone is intriguing. Who exactly is he talking to? Then it goes to Jay at the scene of the plane crash. Detective Polehaus is an interesting sort. Although, he seems to be the type to judge a whole family for who their related to. Why was Wally in prison? Dirk then proceeds to Haggler's Junkshop. Second best line of the episode: "You come into my shop and pull a gun on me? Where'd you learn your manners?" The scene with Nelson seems so... eh. I do like his comment that suddenly the world seems so fragile when a plane can just fall out of the sky. Matthew seems so practical while Nelson seems so jumpy about everything outdoors. Love the name of the smart phone: appleberry. I can say there are a lot of minor things in this album that if missed will throw you later on. Just warning you now. Eugene is smart. Loads of money in a bag? Not likely someone would just carry that much around. Bank robbery is a good place to start. What a way to end this episode. The mystery victim from the plane is Monty? Gasp! What a twist! Very clever too.

Theme: 4/5
Humor: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Interest level: 5/5
"Like" rating: 5/5
Total rating: 4.8/5 = 5/5


GRC, Part 1.

The Green Conspiracy earns an early lead over DBD. Partly due to the fact that A little Credit Please has so little to do with the rest of album 25. And The Green Ring Conspiracy has so much excitement early on. A little Credit please includes great lessons, and has Eugene's battle with Katrina's departure, but little excitement. It is very humerous though.

Album 25: 00
Album 53: 01

And so begins the epic tale of the Green Ring Conspiracy and the battle between GRC and DBD. Who will win? What answers will we get to those hard hitting question? Be sure to listen to Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 2 this Saturday.

P.S. I have heard all of album 53, but am doing best to give my first impressions of the episodes. Also for another head to head 51vs01, watch my sub blog, Day in Odyssey.


  1. This is a very interesting and unique way to do your reviews. I really, really like it. Great idea!

    I totally agree with pretty much everything you said. The opening scene of GRC was great, and Jay is definitely becoming Rodney Rathbone. Nelson was acting weird, but it does make a little sense. I love Eugene's exclamation as well. And by the way, my guess is that Dirk was talking to The Stilletto on the AppleBerry. The whole episode was just really good and very entertaining.

    Keep these reviews up!

  2. I agree with Christian! I like the idea of comparing these two albums. And I definetly agree that GRC part one is better than A Little Credit Please.

  3. Thanks CA, and Lydia, I haven't been able to post a whole lot due to school stuff... But I am gonna try to at least post once a week to do this. Thanks for your feedback.