Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News on Album 54!

The album art for 54 is out, and the characters are from left to right Priscilla, Jay, and Barrett. I'm not convinced that this is the final however because some spots look more like a rough draft. But this is exciting because all three of these characters we haven't seen drawn before.

This was posted on the album 54 page:

"Twelve all-new entertaining and character-building episodes based on 1 Corinthians 13. The album will teach kids what authentic agape love is and how to express that love to others. Featuring secret word/code access to new content on and a fold-out Whit’s End map."

Odyssey Connection: Lately I've been loading myself with a lot. Keeping this blog going, frequent visits to Campbell County and Town of Odyssey, experimenting with different techniques in Gimp, keeping up with Senior stuff, and the list seems to go on. One thing I have trouble with is making sure I have time for the things I have to do, and squeezing in time for the things I want to do. Today I was reminded of the NO factor, a purposeful reference to the episode The No Factor. Sometimes it's better to say no than to try to pile yourself with a lot. So much I like to do, so little hours to do it. I need to work on prioritizing my time and get the stuff I have to do done first. I haven't been posting as much lately due to this. But senior project is about over. Yes! So I may have a teensey bit more time than I do at the moment.

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  1. Great Odyssey Connection. That is so true. Often, especially in this last year having started my blog, I find myself buried in stuff I "need" to get done. I don't own The No Factor, but I've heard it several times, and I sympathize with Connie. And the episode Finish What You... applies too. Sometimes it seems so hard to just slow down and make the most of every moment.

    This life is over before we know it, and we are called to number our days and take up our crosses daily. Sometimes we really need to stop and consider what is most important and make sure that's done first. I often find myself not making time to read the Word before each day, and usually I feel dry that day, like something's lacking. The Bible is always faithful to give me spiritual nourishment and wisdom to make the most of my time, living for God's glory.