Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Album 54 Episode Titles

I relize I'm a little behind in posting this... But here are all the titles for 54. Along with summaries written by me.

691: Wooton Knows Best
Wooton takes on a call in radio show to answer a variety questions about, well anything. 
692: A Penny Saved 
Wooton and Penny plan to go skydiving, but first have to stop at the bank. While there, the bank is held up.
Wooton tries to show the robber love by trying to convince him that doing something crazy like this could ruin his life forever. When asked if he is a christian, he must decide whether to put his life on the line and say yes, or say no to stay safe.
693: The Amazing Loser
Nelson decides that he wants to try and expand his talents because frankly not very many people like him for his brains. But after trying and not succeeding at much of anything, Whit convinces him that as christians it isn't important to get worldly approval and that we should be "losers" for christ in the since that He gave everything for us, so we should give everything over to Him.
694: Anger Mismanagement
A TV station puts Barrett, Olivia, Connie and Eugene on a new show called Anger Mismanagement. But when everything isn't going right for them, how will they handle their anger?
695: Forgiving, More or Less  
Priscilla has done it this time, and there''s absolutely no way on Earth that Olivia is ever going to forgive her. When Whit sees this, he comes up with an object lesson to teach her the value of forgiveness.
696: You're Two Kind
Barett signs up for boy scouts and right away works on being helpful and kind. Though Jay sees no point in being kind to people. Olivia tries to change his mind, while Barrett tries to help someone that doesn't want his help.
697: A Penny Earned
Right as the robber was about to pull the trigger the police show up. To get out they use Penny as a hostage. The police along with Whit, Eugene and Wooton do their best to pull their resources together to find her.
698: Never for Nothing
Whit does a Sunday School lesson on always doing our best in everything we do. So Barrett does just that when he's looking for people to help. But when he's asked to clean the school's bathroom, how will he react?
699: Emily, the Genius
 Matthew and Emily find an old set of walkie talkies that fit in your ear at Wally's Junkyard. So they decide to host a fun little event at her house called "Stump the Genious", with Emily as the spokesperson and Matthew as the brains. But when everyone finds out that it was all a hoax, she must get the courage to apologize, admit that she was wrong, and ask for forgiveness.
700: How to Sink a Sub
Kids radio presents 101 ways to sink a Sub by Jay and his cousin, though Whit and Eugene can't figure out how they managed to hijack the signal!
701: Unbecoming Jay
Jay's brother has always wanted to be just like his big brother. So Olivia decides that in order to change him, she'll have to start with Jay. 
702: Childish Things
When Wooton is asked why he is so childish all the time, he suddenly decides to attempt being normal.  Though later, he decides that it's just who he is. And his provoker accepts him for who he is.

Again, these aren't official, just my made up summaries for them.
I hope to start the DBD vs GRC comparison sometime this week. So keep looking for that. I think that's all for now. So catch ya later.

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  1. Wow, FJ! According to the Official Podcast, you'll be getting a way-early copy of Album 54! Congratulations! Hopefully you can get out some good reviews of both Albums 53 and 54 at some point.