Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GRC Review

 The Green Ring Conspiracy is an amazing tale that takes the listener along with the characters to foil the bad guys. It's filled with suspense, "cliff hanger agony" and twists that make your head spin. If you haven't listened to the Green Ring conspiracy yet, you totally should. That sounded almost like an ad... Well, onto the review. I will touch on different things from the episodes, but for a full summary of the episodes check out aiowiki's episode pages for each part. (Those plots were also mostly written by me.)

Parts 1-3 get you into the swing of things and you find out that things are just getting stirred up. Emily finds a bag of money, plane crashes in Gower's Field, and Connie starts art classes at Campbell County Community College. One downside to these parts is that we don't hear from Monty until part 4, and the first three end with cliff hangers about Monty. One of the victims in the crash says Whit's name; Monty, Monty is missing from the hospital, and then Monty is found at Whit's House on the floor. Although mostly exciting, perhaps that could have been switched up somehow.

As we reach 4-6, we find out tons more information. In part 4 we find out what Monty and derk were doing in Odyssey and why the plane crashed. In Part 5 they follow a lead that connects the carnival to the conspiracy.  Part 6 takes us to the carnival and ends with Monty getting captured as the cliff hanger...

In Part 7-9 things really start heating up. In part 7, Buck and Emily look for his appleberry, and Whit looks into a neat way to find Monty using the chip implanted in Monty's arm. In Part 8, it ends with the biggest twist of the whole album, that the Stiletto is really Jason Whittaker. In part 9 we learn more information, and how Jason connects into the whole thing. and that Archie Haggler is indeed connected with the conspiracy and that he wants the Stiletto out of the way. Note that both 8,9 and 10 end with hangers involving Jason/the Stiletto. But it doesn't bug me as much as the Monty ones because we actually hear Jason.

In 10-12 it dramatically draws to a close. Jason as The Stiletto is taped and drugged and put in with the money, in part 10's ending. Part 11 puts Connie, Penny, and Wooton in a train car with the money, and the rest of the good side searching for where the money is. In the dramatic closure, Jason ends up crashing the train into Wally's warehouse, and the bad guys are stopped.

This album easily makes it's way into my top favorite albums list. I love how they brought Jason back, and I really can't wait to see what they do with him next in Album 55: The Deep End.

I rate this as follows:
Part 1: 3/5
Part 2: 4/5
Part 3: 4/5
Part 4: 4.5/5
Part 5: 5/5
Part 6: 4/5
Part 7: 4/5
Part 8: 5/5
Part 9: 5/5
Part 10: 5/5
Part 11: 5/5
Part 12: 5/5
Average overall: 5/5 Great episodes. My GRC vs DBD head to head is coming. Hopefully before the end of this week as well... But thought I'd go ahead and do this too. That's all for now, this is Freddy Jay saying; "What did you think of album 53?"

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  1. Album 53 was awesome. Listening to it with my uncle was what made it even better, too! We were figuring out all the mysteries..who was bad, who was good..etc. I really loved it. I can't wait to hear more from Jason and Mr. Grote in 55!