Thursday, October 14, 2010

Album 53 News!

I was on the Odyssey Times blog, when I came across this. It's a draft of somesort for an album that is quite possibly album 53. (Found in the background of a pic located on this page. Where you can find out info on endorsing a passages book. ) We can see Whit for sure in this pic, but who are the other two? I think the one in the middle is either Matthew, Emily, or Connie. The one on the left I kinda think is mayor Spencer Hicks, partly because it looks like a slight mustache, and it kinda looks how I imagine him. (For the original picture go here. I enlarged this one a bit.) Also if you look closely you can see somethings in the background that give us an idea of where some of it takes place.

Also the first two books of the imagination station series has arrived at Focus. As shown below. (Brocks full post here.)

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