Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Capsule Comes to Town Review

 I've decided to proceed with reviewing the other episodes starting with album 50. Not sure how often I will do this...Or how far I'll get...but here's the start.

A Capsule Comes to Town

This episode has a somewhat different feel to it. It's done in the documentary type style that we've seen before in episodes like It's a Wrap, and the Coolest Dog. They don't do this style very often, which is kinda good. I mean, it's alright to do that style, but it doesn't keep ones attention as easy as the regular style of episode. I noticed they brought in Glossman for a small part. Along with Glossman, Harlow is in this episode as well, he hadn't been heard from since Odyssey Sings in album 45. I like that they used old characters throughout this album. It kinda adds to the celebration of 20 years in the making/50 albums. The search for the time capsule is interesting and was entertaining.  Overall this episode was done well and here is my rating.
Humor: 3/5
Theme: 4/5
Music: 4/5
Dramatic element: 3/5

Total rating: 3.5

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