Thursday, May 6, 2010

AIO Podcast(s)

The official site has been busy with podcasts. One of which was a video podcast revealing a Mother's Day Contest. This is a really cool contest. And Mother's Day is right around the corner. To read more details about it. Go here.

If you haven't watched the podcast you can go here. In this video podcast they reveal these facts about the upcoming album 52.
  • The Parker family gets a new babysitter.
  • Emily Jones solves another case.
  • Matthew Parker invents a new Imagination Station program.(This one sounds cool)
  • Album 52 includes an episode titled "Fast As I Can.
  • A sketch of album 52 cover. Although not seen very well, here it is.

    More and more things are being revealed about album 52.
    Including another episode title which was revealed in the interview podcast they released yesterday. (An Agreeable Nanny.)
    The interview is with Zach Callison the voice of Matthew Parker. You can listen here.

    I think that's all for today. This is Freddy Jay saying "My cough needs to go away......."


  1. Do you have a cold or allergies?

  2. I think it's allergies....due to too much pollen in the air I'm guessing...